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Olympic Games of the Beijing that uncover secret translates an orgnaization 44 k
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Service center of the multiligualism when contest sets multiligualism to serve group of lash-up of telephone exchange, much language to wait for interpreter group, among them the interpreter that multiligualism serves telephone exchange to translate means to be Olympic Games staff member and each delegacy member to provide 44 kinds of languages 24 hours through the phone serves; Group of much language lash-up regards a language as the mothball force of the service, service center of be stationed multiligualism at any time on call, answer break out, the professional language outside the plan serves the task. Dragoman of major of group of much language lash-up can be in only the Caikedi after receiving group of much language lash-up to dictate offers a language to serve. Multilingual service center sets multiligualism to serve safeguard of center of group of lash-up of telephone exchange, much language, operation, technology to wait for major servicing mouth.

Had you heard the monk adds the language such as language of Sa of Luo Yu, a person of extraordinary powers? Although tell the population of these languages very few, although some still are not official languages in them, but during Beijing Olympic Games, if you dial the telephone exchange of multilingual service center, you can hear these “ the sound of rare ” . 44 languages, 24 hours of uninterrupted services, this is the function place of service center of multiligualism of Beijing Olympic Games.

Service center of multiligualism of Beijing Olympic Games is located in university of Beijing foreign language east courtyard on the west side just decorates 5 ending buildings inside, in Ding Hao of director of office of the Olympic Games outside north guide below, during the reporter visited this one Olympic Games serve platform external.

The middle ten days of a month will move formally in July

Ding Hao tells a reporter, this has 290 workshop, the office building of 6 size auditoria, on April 10 just complete, be in 15 days finished the test game of lucky Beijing to 21 days that month, this also is the first time test of multilingual service telephone exchange. Ding Hao says: “ checks this basically is to face bid of contest of couplet of world cup of Beijing ejaculation couplet, water ballet, volleyball, walk, sword of contest, marathon wait for 7 matches, mouth of 280 function business mixes accumulative total 155 delegacy. Between the carry date of departure of the test, the working hours of multilingual service telephone exchange arrived at 8 o'clock from in the morning late at 10 o'clock, the interpreter that provided 11 languages and hot line of Wu of a word for above test contest works. ”

Ding Hao discloses, since July 24, multilingual service telephone exchange and personnel of business of etc of multilingual lash-up group just will be garrisoned formally multilingual service center begins the work, the center will be shut on September 21.
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