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Chinese interpret assist interpose of announce of limits of the whole nation tha
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In the place each association, college and concerned department support fall, from May 2007 first since, chinese interpret assist part in and other places of Shenzhen, Shanghai, Xi'an, Chengdu, Tianjin, Harbin early or late labour of interpreter of area of area of HongKong and Macow of constituent another name for Guangdong Province, Hua Dong area, northwest area, southwest, China north, northeast area and joint meeting, extensive conduct propaganda is recommended the world translated congress 2008, listen to the opinion that prepares the job to world interpreter congress and proposal, for the world interpreter congress organizes high quality paper, widen for congress raise fund channel. Li Dao, Dai Weidong, piece the Chinese interpret such as Bai Ran, Ding Zuyi, Du Ruiqing, Shi Jian, Xiu Gang assist vice-chairman attends the announce interpose meeting in each district respectively hand-in-hand travel arouse. Chinese interpret assist vice-chairman holds Yang Ping of Jiang Yonggang of secretary-general Huang Youyi, standing deputy secretary-general and secretariat section chief concurrently to wait to be driven technically go to each district with respect to the learning that the world translated congress 2008, organization, collect money waited for a respect to undertake demonstrative.

Chinese interpret assist the wide attention that conduct propaganda recommends the job to get each district translates a bound and take an active part in, the delegate that attends various places to translate working joint meeting comes from each district respectively etc of the company of service of organization of 200 many interpreters, college, translation, well-known company that cross a state is relevant orgnaization. Be recommended through conduct propaganda and communicate face-to-face, local interpreter does world interpreter congress had thorough knowledge pair 2008, got congress to prepare the first-hand information that working place wants, data. Have activity of interpose of announce of organization, calculated this, promoted congress learning to the organization works and raise fund of the job begin, expand and deepened Chinese interpret assist the understand one another that reachs interpreter organization and relevant orgnaization with each district college, connection and communication, translate congress for the world next prepare, constituent job laid solid foundation. Current, world interpreter congress prepares appoint meeting secretariat jointly with concerned branch, the organization fulfils conduct propaganda to recommend achievement.

According to working plan, chinese interpret assist the conduct propaganda that the near future still will organize pair of Beijing technically in Beijing recommends the conference.

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