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Lifelike and foreign language bureau establish long-term cooperation relationshi
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Lifelike and education of bureau of Chinese foreign language groom the center builds long-term partner to concern

Course and education of bureau of Chinese foreign language groom of the center friendly talk things over, lifelike and this center established long-term partner relationship. According to bilateral agreement, education of bureau of Chinese foreign language grooms the center will be recommended for lifelike and carry the interpreter talented person that scene shows in grooming, lifelike also will is groom central student offers a lot of exercitation and obtain employment opportunity.
There are document of our country government and white paper to wait for important interpreter task since bureau of Chinese foreign language is long-term, it is the main force of domain of our country interpreter. And education of bureau of Chinese foreign language grooms the directly under orgnaization that the center is bureau of Chinese foreign language, already had history of nearly 40 years, groom with high-end foreign language grooms and be being translated famed industry.
“‘ quality the first, service the first, student the first ’ is the consistent tenet that we run a school and target. ”Education of foreign language bureau grooms the center expresses: Before cordial ground welcomes the dragoman of countrywide each district, we come to “ take advanced courses. ”
Sign up for friends of convenient and broad dragoman, center of lifelike dragoman resource established hot line signing up designedly, dragoman needs a phone only, lifelike company will have person specially assigned for a task to be in charge of arranging specific item signing up.
As we have learned, lifelike and education of foreign language bureau groom the communication that collaboration of central first time holds, groom mobile arrangement is by this year March. At the appointed time, the abroad that invites Ceng Ren war correspondent distinguished scholar undertakes a lecture groom for dragoman, how does the theme raise English to compose horizontal ” for “ . After the lecture ends, the spoken English that foreign scholar still will undertake is as long as half hours with spot dragoman interacts and communicate.

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