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The expert makes interpreter of vocabulary of sports of difficult China type
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Does full-dress steps, sufficient needle run, does the type that shovel spoon enter water …… these professional sports vocabularies should how correct interpret Cheng Yingwen? The Olympic Games Organizing Committee expresses about personnel, every personnel that pass interpret deployed glossary of Chinese and English professional sports, prevent to be troubled by a " jest " . On the press conference that checks competition in the lucky Beijing that undertook a few days ago, spot interpreter staff is small already try Niu Dao. Olympic Games interpreter has a project to differentiate, on Olympic Games competition ground, predict to need the oral interpretation of 200 spots and written translation staff. This staff member says, these interpreter personnel are in good interpreter quality foundation goes up, will undertake post shifts to an earlier date delimit, the major that is in charge of to its next undertakes " specializes in " .
"The full-dress steps with horsemanship for instance medium match, because this project is in China not to gain ground, even if the person that has learned old English, also do not know how to be translated certainly. "He says, the Olympic Games Organizing Committee differentiates to translating a talent to have a project, let them undertake to match file according to the project early days is translated, in order to achieve the goal of familiar vocabulary.
In " lucky Beijing " checks contest to go up, "The Olympic Games translates " people have take turns go into work warm up. "They still deployed a terminology to contrast watch, the vocabulary that corresponding project place needs was enclothed above, avoid occurrence mistake. Avoid occurrence mistake..
"" of vocabulary of Chinese type sports most have a headache
Sports terminology has fixed collocation, won't translate a mistake commonly, but " Chinese's commonly used match vocabulary, how lifelike ground is translated into other language, be most make poll painful. "Song Dongsheng says the expert of lifelike firm translation that provides translation service for net of lucky Beijing official.
His citing says, be in China, a few fight kind the vocabulary is used on sports match, for instance fast battle quick decision, strike back absolutely outflank, but the habit that these direct interpreters become English and does not accord with a foreigner. Again for instance " undertakes the whole thing " , there is method of a lot of kinds of interpreters in English, how to translate the habit that should accord with a foreigner again well and truly, need to consider well.
One of Song Dongsheng's jobs are directive interpreter personnel " news of government of lucky Beijing " is translated into English. He says, concerned branch works to ask always to the interpreter is to want young change, the language has bouncing feeling, for instance caption has capitalization of the first letter only, with use uppercase news title entirely when different; is translating a manuscript, after wanting to read the manuscript, the kind that carries free translation translates news, avoid to use as far as possible inflexible with formatted metaphrase.
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