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The 3rd " two sides 4 ground " interpreter and cultural exchange seminar
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To promote channel “ two sides the cooperative communication of 4 ground ” develops continuously, basis 2005 Beijing head, 2007 Macao 4 ground of two sides of ‘ of channel of the 2nd “ the resolution of ” of seminar of ’ interpreter and cultural exchange, by Taiwan complementary benevolence university interpreter institute is sponsorred, foreign language of university of Tsinghua of interpreter of Macao technical institute and research center of interpreter of Taiwan politics university, cultural exchange research center, Beijing is assist the “ of the 3rd channel that do 4 ground ” translates two sides with cultural exchange seminar on January 2009 10—11 days in Taiwan complementary benevolence the university is held.

The subject that Bencihui discusses is: (one) research of education of buccal written translation; (2) the evolution of interpreter and cultural exchange and unscramble.

Among them, the evolution of interpreter of meeting theme “ and cultural exchange and the specific topic for discussion that unscramble ” include:

(1) the evolution that translates academic research and unscramble

(2) interpreter, cross culture and interdisciplinary research

(3) society, culture, intercourse, language and interpreter ecosystem research

(4) interpreter theory and interpreter practice research

(5) the interpreter industry of 4 ground ” and communication collaboration study channel “ two sides etc

Hold to this meeting “ the academic fixed position of miniature, high administrative levels, heavy academic ” , 4 ground ” translates two sides of “ of the 3rd channel to will gather together with cultural exchange seminar the interpreter such as Taiwan, mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and cross culture to study the scholar participates in delibrate. The seminar still adopts “ to report the kind that ” and “ comment ” tie undertakes. Working language is Chinese. Handpick and main thesis plans to publish paper market after the meeting (publish by press of education of Shanghai foreign language " interpreter and cultural exchange: Conformity and innovation —— interpreter of 4 ground ” and cultural exchange seminar talk two sides of “ of the 2nd channel collected works " also plan to give at session hair) .

The person that attend the meeting of purpose, please in March 2008 the not less than 500 words Chinese summary before the bottom is referred to conference organizing committee. When sending a summary, add please: Author full name, post / letterhead of phone of direction of title, research or research interest, main masterpiece, connection, communication (do not exceed 200 Chinese characters) . After the organizing committee organizes an expert to choose, will examine a result at the summary was being issued before the bottom in April 2008. The person that accept a summary, need to make paper full text at the premise end October; After the mainland and scholar of HongKong and Macow receive invitation letter, at the formalities that go to a stage is being dealt with between 11-12 month.
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