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Chinese diplomat translates " Oriental daughter - Bei Bu holds an autobiography
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On January 8, 2008, the autobiography that · cloth holds shellfish of chairman of party of Pakistan ex-premier, people in the palm " Oriental daughter " You Yilin press is published, meet in Beijing and reader.

This book by be stationed in Jiang Yili of Pakistan diplomatic mission, Gao Feng, Comrade Wang Zheng to translate, whole book 30 more than character, at great length, word word gem. “ is not I chose this to be born, however this is unripe chose me. Give birth to Yubajisitan, my life refracted her queasy, pathos and victory. · cloth held ” shellfish in the palm to recollect the lifetime of own suffer many mishaps in one's life with Juan is beautiful and resolute style of writing. This is the life monologize of a crackajack female not only, and it is a legend that is full of love, affliction, fight and heroic creed.

· cloth holds the say shellfish that element has ” of “ iron butterfly in the palm be born at house, its father is cling to people party author, ever Premier Ren Ba. She herself ever took up the post of a premier for two times, visit for many times China. In October 2007, what she is as long as 8 years in the end is long after be forced to leave one's native land, return cling to enter general election. What expects lofty ideal did not propose a toast, die at will be assassinated on December 27 in those days.

Be assassinated a few days ago in its, jiang Yili counsellor received the preface that · cloth holds shellfish in the palm to be Chinese edition compose technically. She writes “ in the preface I dream to have a world, peace and harmony are full of over there, without fear, do not have pair of phyletic, color of skin and devotional discrimination. I dream to have a world, over we are broad people proposes form piece more better than yesterday tomorrow. ” have not thinks this became the letters of last words written before death of ” of “ iron butterfly unexpectedly, your person clutchs wrist groan.

Accuse with this book sincerely comfort · cloth holds the old friend shellfish of Chinese people in the palm in Tian Zhiling.

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