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Classics of national electrified wire netting grinds courtyard interpreter cente
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Recently, academy of technology of net Beijing economy held the country to translate a center to establish an informal discussion, the mark is worn via grinding courtyard interpreter center holds water formally. Sun Jinping of head of department of collaboration of international of company of national electrified wire netting, via grinding Ge Zhengxiang of secretary of courtyard dean Zhang Yunzhou, Party committee attends a forum. The informal discussion is chaired by Ge Zhengxiang. Ministry of collaboration of international of company of national electrified wire netting and via grinding faculty of center of chief of courtyard concerned branch, interpreter enters have an informal discussion.
Director Sun Jinping is in the speech via grinding to be in the courtyard establishs interpreter center to express enthusiastic congratulation. Chairman Sun Jinping represents, the main fixed position that translates a center is to be company headquarters and systematic unit to provide high level, specialization the interpreter serves, establish channel of domestic and international connection, enter significant international communication activity, attend a company to translate talent library to build, provide information of authoritative international the sources of energy. These working jobs heavy, demand is high, have very big challenge sex. International collaboration ministry translates main support central development, the help translates a center to work to move toward the right path as soon as possible, supportive classics grinds the courtyard implements internationalization strategy in the company more active role is acted in the job, produce bigger effect. Translate a center held water to also provide the main platform that raises intelligence an wisdom of skill, play quickly for young interpreter personnel. The hope translates central employee to cherish an opportunity, effort study, take exercise assiduously, be on business a gleam of as soon as possible.
Dean Zhang Yunzhou expresses, the company decides to be in via grinding the courtyard establishs interpreter center, reflected a company to lead pair of classics to grind the accredit of the courtyard, reflected international collaboration ministry to support what via grinding the courtyard works. In via grinding the courtyard establishs interpreter center is a company flow to work with collaboration to advance pair of diplomacy better, the significant move that accelerates executive internationalization strategy to make. Translate a center hold water to also will extend the capacity that via grinding the courtyard serves company core business further. Via grinding the courtyard will is opposite interpreter center locates truly definitely, produce advantage of courtyard talent skill adequately, build and run good translation center, strive to be managed in company internationalization make more contribution with domain of collaboration of international the sources of energy.

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