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Secret Po successor Ford hot vide the old unit was a good translation
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According to "Beijing Youth Daily" reported in mid-September this year once again taken away by the police assist in the investigation of the original Ford, general manager of Shao Wenzhong Bao, now feared arrest by the public security organs, insiders revealed that the relevant information. Vide adequate control center director also confirmed last night, "the old Shao definitely come back, we will formally inform the authorities after receiving the start, general manager of Ford Po candidates selected program." In early August of this year, Shao Wenzhong taken away by the police traced to assist in the investigation. Vide time has revealed, the public security department, said Shao Wenzhong assist in the investigation but a few strokes accounts. Sure enough, more than 10 days, Shao Wenzhong to be free and to continue to participate in the "China Team" official processing. However, in about September 19 Nisshin Electric hand flying "Team China," the press conference scene, Shao Wenzhong another strange absence. That night, vide look dignified manner, said Shao Wenzhong be ill leave earlier. But in fact, the second time this person has been taken away by the police for investigation. September 28, vide a surprise visit to the Ford Squibb Company, the appointment of the current temporary part-time super Deputy General Manager Liu Weidong, general manager of Ford's treasure, and he served as deputy general manager of Ford Po foot control center was also the former Ministry of Foreign Affairs in recent years 31, Dong Zheng. Vide the move gave rise to the outside world about Shao Wenzhong "second malignancy" probably gone speculation, but the vedi and the center of the person concerned has insisted that official confirmation message to other relevant departments. However, insiders said last night, Shao Wenzhong has once again taken away by police more than a month, he feared the public security department has been formally arrested. Shao Wenzhong been arrested last night for a media that find vide confirmation, the answer is, "he must come back." For the future, who will replace Shao Wenzhong pick up the baton Depot Ford, vide, "said Shao Wenzhong as long as the authorities formal notice on down, we will start the selected candidates, general manager of Ford Po procedures." There were indications that the water year as a center vide the right-hand man, business capabilities, connections, Weidong superb character is likely to Po, general manager of Ford stepped in to take over the work. Liu Weidong, 43, is the work of the Centre vide the water during the skeleton staff, has served on the world of good, general manager of sports and cultural development for the water project to re-achieved good economic returns, currently serves as deputy general manager of the Super duties. Dong Zheng, 31, has been a Football Association officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2002 in the English Department of Beijing Foreign Languages Institute directly to the Football Association after graduating from the Foreign Affairs department, is the operational capacity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the translation of one of the best in vide adequate control center as Director, he became a full-time interpreter vide their visit and participate in foreign affairs. In contrast the two men, both on the qualifications or performance, Liu Weidong is even better, he is very likely to become the backbone of football within the system personnel vide another old unit. In taking over more than a month after Ford Bowes time, Liu Weidong has been completed for the company's product structure, internal structure, personnel structure and other aspects of understanding. Although no specific division of work, but in fact he had to do was take over the preparation. About Shao Wenzhong been arrested he would be righting the rumors, Liu Weidong said: "I was ready hands, or the appointment of the current so-called temporary agency work Depot Ford; whether the righting, we must look at the Ford Po company needs, but also depends on I was there ability to perform this role. I also have state of the central leadership table, if I did not do a good job in the agency during the work, the center could easily be replaced. "At present, Liu Weidong, deputy general manager has also served as super-position, the end of the season Super League contract awards and sponsors and other issues, even if Bao Liu Weidong, general manager of Ford will take over probably have to wait until after the league this season.
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