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British students to schools outside the growing introduction of an electron
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According to the British "Daily Mail" reported that primary and secondary schools in the UK, do not speak English, the proportion of foreign students increases, teachers and students to facilitate the exchange of electronic translation devices will become an indispensable tool for schools . Aston Manor Birmingham, UK is a classic example of Park Elementary, 60% of the students could not speak English, the school had for each student is equipped with electronic translation device to facilitate their communication with teachers. The school's 384 students from 32 different nationalities. The school has become Britain's first to provide electronic translator for each student to become an indispensable tool for the school classroom. Manor Park Primary School Smith (Jason Smith) said that this translator to communicate with the children and staff to provide a convenience. He said that the language of the students said that as many as 30 kinds to getting kids into school life the biggest obstacle. To this end, the school spent £ 700 a year using this electronic translator, and the student's cultural background, with the online virtual teacher. Schools have this design an Asian male, one white and Eastern Europe, an African black man, and plans to design a Chinese woman wearing a burqa with a Muslim. With this technology, teachers labeled the words to express the information input translator, who does not speak English and then translated into a total of about 30 children in their mother tongue. The statistics show that in every six primary school students, there is one person speak other language at home, a figure more than doubled in 10 years ago, electronic translator will soon be more schools in the UK to become commonly used tools. British Ministry of Education, the latest data show that as many as 905,610 primary school students English is not their first language. In the year this figure rose by 42,750, accounting for 16% of the total primary school, secondary school students of 11.6%. Known as the "family conversation teacher," can an electronic translator into English into 25 languages, including Polish, Urdu, Pakistan, and Chinese and other languages. In addition, 200 languages can be displayed on the screen translation.
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