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"Mr. Shui" with translation
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For the rescue and protection of aquatic culture, Sandu Shui Autonomous County of Guizhou Province to rescue the aquarium language and text, the implementation of the "water books, Mr." oral culture collection and translation work has included the oral culture of 10 million words. Water aquarium book is the essence of culture, it is documented with the Shui aquarium astronomy, calendar, philosophy and various religious matters of literature, is the world so far is still "alive" one of the ancient hieroglyphic texts, and the world in China rare national cultural treasure house of a legacy. In the aquarium area, only a few of the older books people can read the water, known as "Mr. Shui", every "Mr. Shui" is an aquarium and cultural knowledge of the "living treasure." Recently, this reporter from the Sandu Shui Autonomous County of China Aquarium Research Institute Board were informed that this year, the Institute for more than 30 local, "Mr. Shui," the cultural census, and these "Mr. Shui" collection of oral recordings, content of water The reading of books and verses such as this, simultaneous translation of oral culture more than 10 million words.
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