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International interpret couplet is released international translated day of them
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Near future of international interpret couplet released international translates day of theme this year: “ interpreter and human rights ” .
International interpreter day is in surely annual on September 30, it is inchoate west " Bible " learn the home, " Bible " the translator of Latin text Shengjieluomu (347 - 420) birthday. International interpret couplet translates day at deciding to establish international 1991, rise from 1992, according to the development of international situation, the interpreter day that puts forward every year to differ (establish link) theme.
International translated day theme news to release draft content to be as follows 2005:

Interpreter and human rights

Convey oneself right with mother tongue. Enjoy the right that mother tongue serves. Information counterpoises. Culture counterpoises. Knowledge counterpoises. Acquire the right of fair trial. Acquire the right that law helps. If do not have interpreter worker, these rights that are called rights of man now have to be less than esteem.
Since there was connection between two kinds of languages and culture, the interpreter appeared. The thing that we want to become a day of place only lists a detailed list, can know the place in be being translated in us to live clearly. Translator is the transmit person of information and culture not just; If human activity and human rights produce the place of controversy,only those who translate worker is participate in. The people of the become destitute and homeless in the wounded in translating worker to be the accused on the court, disaster, conflict and peace keeping personnel provide a help. In economic domain, all sorts of economy, commerce and political agreement are signed through translating worker. Without the interpreter, commerce cannot undertake; Without the interpreter, the product cannot sell. Undoubted, the interpreter brought rise in value, but this often are not admitted, even by oversight.
Let us have a look: What right did interpreter worker receive after all? Small to the reasonable term that completes place of an interpreter work to need, arrive greatly the right that strives for copyright and as equal as former writer treatment, their rights and interests all over the world each countries are different level land gets enroach on. These enroach on, do not admit to translate vocational training from the developed country, squelch to other country the interpreter of the work of open to question author, and warlike zone lacks necessary protection to the interpreter. Interpreter worker is so important, be taken to cross … by brushstroke of mention lightly ground however…Unless they encounter criticism!
This year, international interpret couplet serves as the right that translates worker the world translates congress and the theme that international translated day 2005 this year, in order to cause public attention. Carry this kind of kind, the user —— that international interpret couplet hopes buccal written translation serves namely everybody, all place —— admits to translate the job and worker of buccal written translation to be in not only inside alive bound limits culture, and the crucial effect that has in economy, commerce, politics, information and human rights respect, give support to them.
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