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Chinese is translated in German ovation
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Chinese is translated in Germany very popular. Germany already had 70 universities to offer Sinology, economy Sinology and relevant course, graduate obtain employment prospect is good, a lot of students just graduated to be reaved by the enterprise.
According to China " round-the-world times " 14 days of reports, germany held international to translate congress a few days ago, chinese interpreter and the place that Japanese translates on the meeting are very different.

The Wang Yan that comes from Frankfurt (transliteration) had done 10 old Chinese to translate. She says, chinese is translated more and more welcome. Previously, she basically comes to heart enterprise reach a student studying abroad to do oral interpretation and data interpreter for China. As in recent years German company soars to Chinese interpreter demand, she established an interpreter company, at hand has 5 stuff nowadays.

Wang Yan says, the Chinese that the interpreter does in Germany previously is a female mostly, and it is to marry the person that did not guarantee to German income normally; Now, man of a lot of China and German also joined Chinese to translate a team, income is compared even run quickly company employee is tall still.

And Japanese translates chrysanthemum child (transliteration) the condition is a lot of poorer. She says, 5 years ago, japanese still is the Asian language with the most welcome Germany, german enterprise puts focus on heart day trade in those days. But these two years, germany lost “ enthusiastic ” gradually to Japan, the pay that Japanese translates also drops subsequently. Besides do an interpreter, chrysanthemum child reporter of returns so that the part-time job makes Japanese medium engage by special arrangement, such lives just have safeguard.

Current, germany has nearly 2500 enterprise to begin Chinese professional work, the importance of Chinese market is highlighted increasingly. But as a result of Germany ignored Chinese is taught before, so Chinese talent fault, each are big the enterprise translates Qiu Xianre thirsty to Chinese. In the meantime, visit person of heart China tourist to count ceaseless increase sharply, chinese interpreter is strange be short of the one big bottleneck that already made German tourism progress. (be over)

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