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Canada is British association of Colombian province interpreter holds congratula
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On September 30, 2005, the Chinese interpret society that in Canada Wengehua has short-term learning is visited grows assistant Huang Changji, ying Ying belongs to Colombia to save interpreter association (STIBC) of chairman Fenella Sung invite, attended this association to celebrate international to translate the party of day. Huang Changji and the interpreter worker that attend a party had extensive communication, to them understanding Canada translates the state that worker and interpreter groom, publicize to them Shanghai world translated congress 2008. The person that attend the meeting shows huge interest.
British association of Colombian province interpreter is translator of Canadian mouth pen and terminological home board (CTTIC) member, it is one of Canada's most active interpreter organizations, have 450 members. The 16th world translated congress to be held in Wengehua 2002, this association is congress basically undertakes Fang Zhi one. Chairman Fenella Sung expresses to will be in the first ten days of a month will be called together in November participate in the member that the world translated congress to arrange the job 2002 to attend a meeting, discuss its to make preparations experience and lesson, for China interpreter association is drawn lessons from.

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