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Conference of standing of orgnaization of higher education of international mout
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Conference of standing of orgnaization of higher education of international mouth written translation (International Permanent Conference Of University Institutes Of Translators And Interpreters) 2007 25-26 day is held in Swiss Geneva 2007 forum, forum theme is “ new requirement, new translator ” (New Needs, new Translators) . Forum invited international to translate the numerous and well-known public figure that teachs a bound to attend. King of dean of advanced interpreter student establishs university of Beijing foreign language attended forum.

Executive committee member of international interpret couplet, treasurer Ms. Anne Verbeke suffers invite couplet of delegate international interpret to attend forum, the 18th world that introduced to will be held in Chinese Shanghai 2008 to personnel attending the meeting translates the circumstance of congress. Below the help that teachs in Chairman CIUTI Hannelore Lee-Jahnke, set only during forum exhibited a stage to reveal Chinese interpret assist offerred plenary session the propagandist material such as communication of a bulletin, congress, obtained favorable propagandist result.

2007CIUTI Forum Held In Geneva
The 2007 CIUTI Forum - "New Needs, new Translators" Is Held In Geneva On 25 And 26 January 2007. FIT Treasurer Anne Verbeke Was Invited To Attend The Forum On Behalf Of FIT, and Introduced The Upcoming XVIII FIT World Congress To The Participants. Thanks To The Help Of Prof. Hannelore Lee-Jahnke, president Of CIUTI, promotional Materials Of The 2008 FIT World Congress Mailed By Translators Association Of China Were Made Available To Participants During The Forum.


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