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Standard of European translation service is obtained through
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In March 2006 the middle ten days of a month, european standardization committee passed EN 150038 " service of translation service — is normative " (Translation Service–Service Requirements) standard, to translating a service quality raised specific requirement, normative the operating rules of language service industry. This standard is in all signature after the country is announced formally, the quality standard that replaces each district, level of the level of DIN 2345 number that is like Germany, number of Italian UNI 10574, Austria? Standard of service of number of Norm D 1200.2000 and? Date of Norm D 1201.2000 translates agreement. Europe standardizes commission hope, be adopted by language server when level of EN 150038 number and carry out, according to the standard these language server reach interpreter quality admiral to be distinguished somewhat in operating rules, so that the client is made according to demand,choose better.

Of this standard initiate constituent Europe to translate Alfred of company allied chairman? Sibagena (Alfredo Spangn) point out: “ interpreter industry succeeds inside European limits first the primary quality that the ground serves to the interpreter asked to make a definition. Will appear finally standard of an extensive Europe, have a definition to translating a service, provide the capacity that translator and careful school personnel must have, normative the monitoring program to translating quality. ”

At present the United States also is drafting date of ASTM 15 48 to translate service standard. Allan of ASTM committee member? Mei Er comparing (Alan Melby) point out: “ASTM standard basically provided the quality of translation of terminal product —— , used the agile level that translates academic conform to with the function. He points out ” then: “ Europe standardizes committee to avoid to give a definition to translate quality itself, emphasize translating a service to provide square requirement to qualification however. ”


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