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Singapore tourism bureau is translated again make a fool of oneself
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(Singapore 19 days of dispatch) tourism bureau translates make a fool of oneself, not be first time any more.

Cheng Jiang of opposition assemblyman Liu points out in congress, the propaganda paterial of tourism bureau " add east if / cuts area ramble guideline " add “ east the grandfather ” that ” interpret cuts for “ Zhou Ru (Katong Is The Grandfather Of Joo Chiat) , saying “ adds this name east again at the same time is the breed of a chelonian that discovers in Singapore. ”

If original intention is cut outspread add oneself east

He says at that time: The grandfather that “ Zhou Ru cuts - - add east, it is chelonian actually. If Zhou Ru is cut later generations knows, will surely seek tourism bureau account, because they become the offspring of chelonian actually! ”

Actually, this paragraphs of English is to if cut,mean “ outspread add oneself east ” , not be to say to add east if cut,be being mixed is ” of relation of “ grandparent and grandchild.

In the tourism bureau guideline 2002, also “Hungry Ghost Festival” (medium yuan of section) , the interpreter becomes ” of division of “ Hungarian spirit, bring temporarily for laughingstock.

Be in early in January 2001, writer Chengdu child ever also cast a book to arrive " associated morning paper " communication edition, lose face with “ the Chinese manual ” of lose face is a problem, point out Shanghai circulates one introduces the Chinese manual of Singapore, the Wu Zundong at that time introduces to be ” of Wu Zundong of “ Singapore premier actually in article.

Chengdu child say, this interpreter makes a person cannot bear soldier is seen, she plaints say: “ such report written language circulates abroad go, make a person afflictive! Sad also! Is this our China article level? Hua Wen is Singapore one of Chinese of 4 kinds of governments, our home all has the elite of a lot of perfectness Chinese. Need not teach to the university group in go searching, it the reporter that which Hua Wen signs up for can have is better that the reporter that which Hua Wen signs up for can have exacter written language. How to go looking for a dabbler! ”

(origin: Ball of couplet open loop)

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