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A variety of languages -- same profession
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From A Er Bei Jiyu arrives Zu Lu language, there are 6800 kinds of languages about on the world, the language of about 1/3 has literal system. The history is ages ago like no matter the —— of oral written still form is the same as the oldest language almost,translating professional —— . Since the mankind with this company group the world besides had a contact, had the demand of translator of speak or sing alternately, after this often still needs written interpreter. If do not have the service of these language major personages, how will be today's earthly village still maintained go down?

Language worker had main effect in each respects of the life. Cooperate from business affairs, commerce, diplomacy and international, arrive science, education and all sorts of written or oral culture form —— even globalization; All these human activities need to translate personnel to come down-lead builds the bridge. If do not have language worker, what kind of destiny will these activities confront?

Work to have again in the people of language domain however be regarded as how many times professional personage? A lot of moment people thinks to want to know two kinds of languages only, complete oral interpretation or written translation work successfully. This dispute often is not accorded with actual. The person can translate use bilingual term, but they often cannot transmit complete information smoothly.

Written translation and oral interpretation personnel are the emissary that assists people to undertake communication. Their job makes a lot of tells different language people on the world can make the same score communication of and other places. The interpreter eradicated language barrier, those who make communicate both sides to be able to cast off a language is unwell, communicate effectively.

Why to no matter involve,plant language, translating the job that worker faces to ask is identical. What hope does the client have to occupational written translation and buccal translator?

Have deep strength to two kinds of languages, can communicate the delicate place of complete information and language;
Have the capacity of got-up discourse, make translation sounds resemble be achieved formerly and understanding easily;
The job that is oneself feels proud, can on time, finish the job outstandingly, and the pay of collection fairness;
Have very strong morality feeling, won't accept the job that exceeds him ability range intentionally, be in necessary when for working content hugger-mugger;
With high level him requirement, pay close attention to the progress of its job language and working domain at any time, promote oneself ability and working standard ceaselessly;
Realize accurate with true value, to the domain that oneself are not good at, want to make necessary survey;
Admit oneself are not “ know-all ” , study does not stop, develop oneself ceaselessly.
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