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British London somewhat " the language is the richest " the school
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The Na Fei Er of British London this the middle school can say to go up language of the “ on the world is the richest the school of ” , because the student over there is speaking the language of 71 countries, more curious is to do not have one person to tell English actually.

Be in at present south the student person that reads learns to count 1300 much person in Feiersi, they are the students that come from British abroad, the age is in 11 - 18 years old between. What English can tell among them is very few, because this English is in this school almost ” of “ become extinct. Because the language is too various, the teacher and student that gives the school brings very big trouble, normally an examination paper should be translated into a few kinds of languages. Class also belongs to the bottom class in a kindergarten to make, tell same the student of kind of language divides a class, distribute year again next. And the teacher over there also must master much door language.

(data sources: Ball of couplet open loop)

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