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The United States translates association to announce to issue a chairman person
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The United States translates association (ATA) announced on December 1, 2005: Actor luck (Jiri Stejskal) those who be elected as this association await preside. He will be in 2005-2007 year during hold the position of the United States to translate association to state preside place, and at 2007-2009 year during take up the post of association chairman formally.
Actor luck gentleman is CETRA (interpreter, communication and culture center) the author of the company and president. He obtained guest the Master that law Ni Yada learns literature of Si Lafu language on the west and doctor's degree, obtain the master's degree of advanced and industrial and commercial management of university of calm general Er, having 20 old interpreters from already check. Since 1999, he holds the position of the pluralistic instructor that law Ni Yada learns guest on the west, to undergraduate students and class of language of graduate student professor. Actor luck gentleman is in 2001-2005 year during the treasurer that ever held the position of the United States to translate association, currently hold the post ofthe United States to translate foundation (American Foundation For Translation And Interpretation - AFTI) treasurer and alliance of international interpreter home (FIT) chairman of committee of interpreter profession status.
The United States translates association to held water 1959, headquarters is set in Virginia the Alexander city of the city, it is the United States at present major of translator of the biggest mouth, pen is organized, have many 9500 member that comes from 60 many countries. The main goal of American interpreter association is to encourage, support and the development of stimulative mouth, written translation industry. This association is current the chairman is Marian S. Ms. Greenfield.


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