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Learn a bit experience of the interpreter
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Interpreter art should include 4 arrangement at least:
1 , familiar interpreter is academic.
2, have bilingual solid strength and substantial language knowledge.
3, the creativity in translating practice works.
4, master more as far as possible and be good at imitating interpret to enter the idiomatic law of language.
the activity with respect to Han Yiying, the habitual expression magic art that be familiar with and imitates English is a very important segment. A lot of west scholars emphasize wanting an interpreter theory and interpreter practice to be contacted cheek by jowl together. Translate egghead button mark famously to ever thought: Translate medium specific example, should compare argument sometimes more significant. Idiom of English of this no less than is said: Practice excels theory far (An Ounce Of Practice Is Worth A Pound Of Theory) . Be based on this kind of thought, cent loses the common typical error in studying Han Yiying, the purpose is the enlightenment that lets learn the interpreter's person to be able to get certain skill respect from which, also can translate in oneself at the same time try to draw lessons from in practice. Also can translate in oneself at the same time try to draw lessons from in practice.. ”
I act on the goal that communicates with netizens to write this article, talking to go up is for play the peacock, more ground is to find out his difference, hope what can get ace masters is beneficial so show criticism.
I am an English lover, begin to teach oneself English from 1974. (consult please " comprehend this life " —— already was published in literary website) . Receive 10 years of grind that go down, can use “ to crawl on the lane that fills bramble ” will describe only, but there is happy sweetness to be in only in this kind of suffering was far from it to just can be recalled come out! I acquire how many thing for him test, attended what the Fujian Province held 1984 boldly first higher education teachs oneself an exam, get informing “ English of con to ” was gotten 97 minutes when me (when saving the 3rd completely) , my agitato all night difficult Mian! In “ of hostel of Fuzhou university expert outstanding examinee commends on informal discussion ” , I feel I became booby only, what word also said not to come out. On English education, I am not an outstanding teacher, although also had given a few an outstanding student. Was 1987 after adult college graduate, I just begin to learn an interpreter, encourage in what good friend horse blocks red issue me the American mysterious novel that complete interpret passes 100 thousand word. Concerned content can consult muck " the heart is on the road " —— already was published in literary website, also had published on the press. In former Pu Tian the requirement of old president of the 6th middle school fell 1989, I try interpret an international paper " rub the new discovery of carved stone of Buddhist nun teaching in Fujian contain river " (publish in " data of Pu cropland literary history " inside the journal) . I am emeritus already now, although the school asks me to go back again the English education of class of Ren Gaosan graduation (a class) , the hobby —— that always feel or enough off hours is engaged in him translates practice.
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