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The word that the law translates with English is done not have in Chinese
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Writing Brush of brush of Ball-point Pen of ball-pen of Pen / Fountain Pan of pencil Pencil pen

Drawing Pen / Ruling Pen of drawing pen of paintbrush Painting Brush

Crayon (Chalk of Wax) Crayon chalk

Clear up those 5 only specific it is what pen, ability interpreter comes out, be like: He’s Got Two Pencils, two Ball-point Pens And One Pen In His Pencil-box.

People is in the process that knows a thing, often put in the thing with property or same or similar utility 's charge it is a kind, express some kind the total tag of the thing is called “ to go up justice word ”(superordinate) , the concept of justice word ” on a “ includes a lot of “ to issue justice word ”(hyponym) . The “ pen ” in Chinese is before a few place on the “ that lists all sorts of pens justice word ” . Some classification are all sorts of languages are basic and same, if the thing on the world is divided into biology (Living Things) and insensate content (Non-living Things) , organic perhaps matter (Organic Matters) and mineral (Inorganic Matters) , and there is a plant in biology (Plants) and animal (Animals) , but some classification are some kind of language is peculiar. “ pen ” does not become a kind with respect to compose in English. Again ”(includes the “ car with for instance medium Chinese all sorts of cars, bicycle, a two-wheeled vehicle drawn by man, barrow, baby carrier) , ”(includes “ cattle buffalo, ox, yak, milk cow) , “ fruit ”(includes Xian Guo, dried fruit, confiture to wait) , ”(includes “ skin, because they are in English-speaking person mental view,do not form a “ kind ” , when be being translated so, must make clear specific thing is replaced with next different justice words, also can use justice word to replace sometimes. (Origin: English Mcdonald's - English magazine EnglishCN.com)

Connect She Is My Sister. Such sentence, if do not understand talking person to show is ” of “ elder sister or ” of “ little sister, also cannot interpret. Here is literate also the reason that go up, because the west emphasizes the equality of domestic member, the position of brotherly sister is equal. Accordingly, hesperian says He/She Is My Brother/sister commonly when the brotherly sister that introduces his. Do not divide long young. And this word is in the Sibling in English the word that there is correspondence in Chinese. Some classification and name and Chinese are different, if Half Brother/sister can point to half-blooded also can point to uterine brotherly sister. Can point to “ hall as to Cousin / cousin / younger brother / elder sister / younger sister ” ; And in growing one generation male / female kin besides father / Uncle/aunt is besides the mother. . These metropolises cause the interpreter's difficulty.

Impracticable is, occasionally classification is across. For example, english Table and Desk are “ table ” in Chinese, but the concept that this differs to be contained at place of “ table ” (Semantic Range) compares Table certainly big, for example Coffee Table and End Table are Table, but ” of “ tea table is however in Chinese, cannot return of course in “ table ” one kind in. The “ green ” in Chinese, “ blue ” , “ green ” is 3 color, relative to character, there are Green and Blue only in English two words, “ is so green ” word interpret is Green or Blue should depend and should decide after all (if “ as just judge,” is Blue Sky, “ green vegetables”It is Green Vegetables however, and customarily interpret of The Blue Nile is ” of “ green Nile. ) .
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