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Spoken language of the most commonly used business affairs
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1It Would Help If You Could Try To Speak A Little Slower.
Ask you to put rate of let alone word as far as possible.

2Could You Please Explain The Premises Of Your Argument In More Detail?
Can you define your argument?

3It Will Help Me Understand The Point You Are Trying To Make.
This meeting helps me understand your focal point.

4We Cannot Proceed Any Further Without Receiving Your Thoughts With Respect To The Manner Of Payment.
If we do not understand you to cope with the opinion of money way, cannot analyse further.

5Actually, my Interest Was Directed More Towards What Particular Markets You Foresee For Our Product.
In fact, what I care is you to our product market think.

6We Really Need More Specific Information About Your Technology.
We need as more technical related to your technology information.

7Our Project Must Proceed At A Reasonably Quick Tempo. Surely One Month Is Ample Time, isn't It?
This plans to must undertake promptly. Is the time of a month enough?

8I Will Try, but No Promises.
I can have a try, but dare not assure.

9I Could Not Catch Your Question. Could You Repeat It, please?
I did not listen to the problem that understands you, can you repeat?

10The Following Answer Is Subject To Official Confirmation.
The following answer must repass affirms ability is effective formally.

11Let Me Give You An Indication.
I can hint an idea.

12Please Remember This Is Not To Be Taken As Final.
Remembering this please is not final answer.

13Let's Imagine A Hypothetical Case Where We Disagree.
Let us assume a state that we do not agree with.

14Just For Argument's Sake, suppose We Disagree.
To discuss all sorts of case, let the processing technique when we assume we do not agree.

15There Is No Such Published Information.
Without relevant publication data.

16Such Data Is Confidential.
Such data is confidential data.

17I Am Not Sure Such Data Does Exist.
Whether don't I have such data to exist certainly.

18It Would Depend On What Is On The List.
This should read list content.

19We Need Them Urgently.
We are badly in need of these data.

20All Right. I Will Send The Information On A Piecemeal Basis As We Acquire It.
Good. The meeting after we receive Qi Zhi sends you instantly.

21I'd Like To Introduce You To Our Company. Is There Anything In Particular You'd Like To Know?
My general introduces our company to you, what what wants to know particularly do you have?
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