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English-Chinese interpreter turns over interpret mediumly
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In Ying Yihan process, we often encounter a kind of such situations, namely what original term place conveys is not its literal meaning, however of its literal meaning turn over justice, perhaps say be pair of its literal meanings is negative, but this kind often does not appear again in the negative privative, this kind of circumstance is not very few, to the interpreter the job brings very big trouble.

Two common word group are below, notice their Chinese meaning please:

Riot police of ① Riot Police (namely Anti-riot Police, the police that is not commotion)

② Crisis Law opposes crisis bill (namely Anti-crisis Law)

What the interpreter of these two phrase uses is the law that turn over interpret, translation is its literal meaning deny or turn over justice, conveyed textual true meaning already so, accord with the expressive habit of Chinese again, make the person looks to understand.

Additional, the interpreter of caption of article of English the press also uses the method that turn over interpret sometimes. Be like " China Daily " China Daily) front page published a news on January 16, 1995, the title is Inflation Is Target Of Bank’s New Policy, what basically say is the bank took strong step to check in the future 1995 inflation. But literal meaning of the title rather. Accordingly we must regard Inflation as when the interpreter Anti-inflation, made civil problem is consistent. Such title is more familiar in English the press, the purpose is to be succinct reach marked, we want to notice all the more when the interpreter, do not interpret without real understanding.

Let us see the case below again:

(1) Sidney Simon Called The College Grading System "archaic, prescientific, bureaucratic Invention" , and "about As Accurate As Police Estimates Of Crowds Of Peace Marches. And "about As Accurate As Police Estimates Of Crowds Of Peace Marches..

If press literal interpreter, this word is such:

• Simon calls Germany Buddhist nun “ of system of grade of this kind of university is antiquated, lack the ” of scientific test and verify, and the child ” that still is “ bureaucratism, the peaceful demonstrate number that “ estimates with the police is euqally exact. ”

Since in front already said past the appointed time of “ of this grade system is idle, lack ” of scientific test and verify, and the child ” that still is “ bureaucratism, how can its “ accurate ” say again from the back? This is apparent self-contradictory, the true meaning that an expression cheats on the west is by no means such.

Above translation, oversight the mood of talking person. Actually, simon is in system of assail university grade. When he talks, archaic was used directly in front, prescientific and Bureaucratic word of a few derogatory sense, after that the commendatory word of the face Accurate is an irony actually. Because we know, the police can be spoken only when estimating demonstrate number probably, often come in and go out with actual number very big, extremely not accurate. The true meaning that so talking person place conveys is Not Accurate, or Inaccurate. Such, can understand About As Inaccurate, as Police Estimates Of Crowds Of Peace Marches, interpret becomes Chinese is: Forbid like the peaceful demonstrate number that “ estimates with the police simply truly. ” namely Accurate conversely interpret, turn over interpret namely.
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