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The interpreter that Tang poetry is in the United States and accept
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Bank of fine careless breeze, wei Qiang alone nocturnal boat.

Xing Chuiping wild broadness, the month emerges great river flows.

Renown the article is written, the official answers old sick rest.

Wave wave why be like? Heaven and earth one sanded gull.

What Yu Wen installs flower translation is:

Writing Of My Feelings, traveling By Night

Slender Grasses, breeze Faint On The Shore;

Here, the Looming Mast, the Lonely Night Boat.

Stars Hang Down On The Breadth Of The Plain,

The Moon Gushes In The Great River's Current.

My Name Shall Not Be Known From My Writing,

Sick, growing Old, I Must Yield Up My Post.

Wind-tossed, fluttering—what Is My Likeness?

In Heaven And Earth, a Single Gull Of The Sands.

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