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German fairy tale
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Know German friends, likelihood most begin from the German fairy tale of widely known first.

" German fairy tale " respect of handpick Germany folk literature husband of brother, a person of extraordinary powers mixes the Glyn with the most successful, top reputation

Beixishitanyin the fairy tale masterpiece of 3 writers, include among them " small red cap " " frog is princely " " Cinderella "

" white snow princess " " Sleeping Beauty " " Harry sends marabou bird " " small Mu Ke " " 7 crows " " thumb " " strong

Strong Gaotelibu " the name of be handed down from ancient times that waits for win universal praise piece.

Anacreontic and efficient of tone of German fairy tale, natural, character personality is distinct, the clue is labyrinthian, details is rich, language
Speech is live, style diversity, their bona fide reflected the thought condition of the social scene of that times Germany and people

Feeling, behaved Rierman of the nation plain with humour, resource and brave. German fairy tale is right the world since 19 centuries

Bound children literature produced far-reaching effect, already was tens of planting by interpret up to now character, alive bound each country is wide for be widely read.

Case forest brother, yakebu · Glyn (1785 ~ 1863) Williams · Glyn (1786 ~ 1859) they are

Collect of German folk literature does editor. Family of officer of one's previous experience, ever all learned law in university of equestrian Er fort, fill in in card together again

Er library job and Renge delay an university to teach, became academician of case forest academy of sciences at the same time 1841. They are made up jointly

Into " children and collect of domestic fairy tales " (gave last edition 1857, in all 216 stories) . Among them " grey aunt

Woman " , " Bai Xue's princess " , " small red cap " , " brave small tailor " the name such as …… piece, already made the world each

The classic that children loves the country. In addition, case forest brother rises from 1808, begin collect Germany folklore, publish

" Germany is fabulous " two, in all 585. They still were written " German is syntactic " (1819 ~ 1837) , " Germany
Language history " (1848) reach " German big dictionary " (1852) wait for composition before 4 rolls, for Rierman of linguistics
Development made contribution.

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