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German water area
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One, river

Because tall north is low south German relief, outside dividing Danube and its affluent, other river all from south northerly infuse the North sea and Baltic. German river is numerous, water capacity is sufficient, most river is linked together by the canal, extend in all directions, the voyage is convenient. Main river of Germany has river of Rhine, Elbe, power all, Danube, the Oder River to wait.

Rhine (Rhein)

Be located in Germany western, it is the river with European the busiest shipping, also be Germany the biggest river, total inside heart territory length is 862 kilometers. It results from the Alps of Swiss churchyard, from Bo Denghu bank Kangsitanci sheds person Germany, through mattress of city of fort of Teng of Ba Dengyi accord with, Lai second city, Hei Sen city mixes Lanyi law ear boreal Lai mattress one Weisitefalun city, pass through all the way the important industrial district such as Lu Er, the North sea of infuse of final classics Holand. From guest root the wadi to division cloth logical sequence bends particularly, the key in the river 4 bend over, cross-strait cliff, it is the channel with the hardest Rhine. Standing tall and upright to count the Gu Bao of all sorts of 10 structure styles on cross-strait Shan Yan. Circulating over there a lot of magical fairy tale and moving fokelore, have among them mediaeval since the myth of the succubus of the “ Lorelei ”(Lorelei) of win universal praise.

Rhine water amount is substantial, annual but be open to navigation or air traffic, it and its a few affluent are together the big city connection of countrywide 1/2 almost, become center of German canalage traffic. People is used to a Basel to because this,reach the beauty paragraph call advanced position, because the United States thises to Bonn paragraph call middle reaches, bonn comes big talk paragraph call downstream.

Main minor aspects has Rhine Ma Zeer river (river of Mosel) , beautiful mattress (Main) , Lu Erhe (Ruhr) and inside card river (Neckar) . Ma Zeer river results from France, classics Luxembourg sheds person Germany, person Rhine is collected in division cloth logical sequence, of the horny ”(Deutsche Ecke) that confluent place has “ heart will say. The United States because hill of Yu Tulin root and the assemble of Bohemia hill manage river head, traverse by Dong Xiangxi Germany is mid, via Frankfurt, in Rhine of infuse of beautiful mattress at present. Beautiful mattress river and in heart hilly area is same, it is German cent north and south two parts. Rash Er river source breaths out Er hill at Luo Te, its length is shorter, but carry busy. Lu Er of German industrial district because of Lu Erhe flow to get a name via. Card river results from inside Hei Linshan, flow to wait for city via Dibingen, Situjiate, Haideerbao, in Rhine of infuse of graceful sea Mu.

In addition, rhine is passed in river of heart canal and dust Mu Si He, power all, Elbe, the Oder River, because canal of more than 1 Nao is mixed,through the United States Danube couplet becomes.
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