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French translates anecdote fun
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Chinese chef buys "Madame Coq "

Last centuries 80 time, master of Sichuan chef Jiang will to China be stationed in French embassy to work. He is done skill is well dish, get host and French guest recognition quite. Because went up age, together with job is busy, he is considered at all do not go to school French. When just chatting with foreign guest in host, he has heard a few words that both sides says: Monsieur (gentleman) , madame (madam) , bonjour (hello) , coq (cock) . . . . . .
A day, he goes into the street buy food, the interpreter is occupied before was not being accompanied, go to. The driver that goes together basically also does not know French, two people are forced oneself make do. Jiang master wants to buy boiling water of Bao of only vivid hen, but be on stall of non-staple food inn,search not to see. Then, he says to the boss: “Moi-coq-coq-moi” (I - cock - cock - I) , the driver shakes a head aside, still swing both hands, signal wants work. French boss is very open-eyed, do not know they want what to do, how does the heart think this Chinese experienced worker says him into the cock? He more do not know young driver why to move ceaseless all over. Jiang master points to the goods library that points to stall jian hou mian, say “Moi-coq” continuously, the driver also is continueing to aid aside blast, wave a body. The boss understands eventually, the Chinese should buy Coq; to go then behind the cock that storeroom takes out treatment of a few butcher to end. Jiang master nods, shake again shake one's head, at the same time agitate driver more acutely swings body. He nods those who express to want is chicken really, shake one's head those who express to want is not a cock, rock of driver the whole body, express to want work. But the boss became foolish eye, can understand how so much. Chef is urgent, exert unique skill, make will rise: “Madame-Coq- chuckle Da - ” of Madame-Coq- chuckle Da (cock madam - chuckle Da - cock madam - chuckle Da) . The driver swings double arm, copy the model that big group turns after the hen lays.
This, the boss guesses even unconscious area, what make clear Hunan Chinese wants eventually is vivid hen, at once face about went catching a few inside. Jiang master, driver and boss 3 people burst out laughing knowingly, guess for this setbacks ends satisfactorily and readily take the opportunity to closes not approach mouth.
After the event, jiang master bought the story of “Madame Coq” to also become everybody to like a paragraph of speaking a much-told story.

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