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Sino-French and bilateral couplet sleeves interpreter " send off " catchword
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The word says in September 1973 the middle ten days of a month, du Fanghua of skin of French president bitter fleabane. Delegacy reachs the day of Beijing, the Chinese way that notices host gladly to hit in the airport and traffic thoroughfare bilingual catchphrase: “ welcomes French president ardently! ” (CHALEUREUSE BIENVENUE AU PRÉSIDENT FRANÇAIS! ) then, french delegacy makes progress very smoothly again in each activity of Beijing, the law just is opposite in the warmth that just offers, friendly recieve close watch satisfaction.
Delegacy ends the activity in Chinese capital, head for the day that the other place continues to visit, beijing traffic thoroughfare and airport hit new considerably transverse catchphrase: President of France of “ enthusiastic send off! ” (SALUONS CHALEUREUSEMENT LE DÉPART DU PRÉSIDENT FRANÇAIS! ” (SALUONS CHALEUREUSEMENT LE DÉPART DU PRÉSIDENT FRANÇAIS!!

The law tells a few times square stealthily along with round reporter in just recieve personnel, the French translation that weighs afore-mentioned catchword (Saluer Chaleureusement* Le Départ De Qn) the concept is vague, be equivalent to saying “ feels glad ” for the guest's departure. Is is this a Chinese catchword well-intentioned to break up twisted?

Personnel just is concerned in consult with the other side at once, search more the French of expression of Chinese of press close to is stated. Finally, both sides comes to an agreement, instead of former French translation: “CHALEUREUX AU REVOIR AU PRÉSIDENT FRANÇAIS! ”* . The meaning of new translation is “ enthusiasticly to French president acoustical good-bye ” , this is apparent more faithful at Chinese catchword.

When bitter fleabane group of Pi Du's president ends the visit of outer ground to leave when Shanghai, discover main road and airport already “ is magical the ground hanged kind of ” to make poster of French of wrongly written or mispronounced character of so bright red bottom newly: “CHALEUREUX AU REVOIR AU PRÉSIDENT FRANÇAIS! ” . Efficiency handles affairs just to make a law square in surprised.

On September 18, 1973, france " the world signs up for " print goes out only civil introduced this one anecdote (accessory of article of regard sb as an outsider: “LE SLOGAN RECTIFIÉ” ) .

From now on, when the honoured guest that comes from French country just is being welcomed in, no matter be oral send off,still make place want relevant slogan, like to choose “(dire Un) Chaleureux Au RevoiràThis kind of French states Qn” basically.

Our country interpreter knows very well, french as Chinese same, inside information is solid, use extensive, want lucid each subtle implication that holds every term is as tie-in as other word harmony, be by no means easy thing. This means the confine that should cast off French-Chinese dictionary to explain already, consult seriously and study place of original French dictionary to give a definition, a large number of example that should combine this word to be used in mother tongue again will undertake examining. Visible, study enterprising ceaselessly only, pay close attention to French country wholeheartedly the real life of people and conversational habit, rich is collected numerous long, ability hands over satisfactory high quality to translate finished product.
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