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Windows Live interpreter is compared spell Google translation software
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Microsoft released a series of services last weekend upgrade edition, and its interpreter tool Windows Live is translated (Beta) also following to go up sadly line. The occurrence that Windows Live translates, perfected the online service of Microsoft further. Before this, yahoo! The interpreter that already had oneself with Google serves, it is Babelfish and language tool respectively. Interesting is, the online translation service of tycoon of 3 big Internet was used come from same home company namely the interpreter technology of Systran. Nevertheless, their interpreter outcome is different however. One interpreter of Microsoft Windows Live and Google language tool are below small quite. We chose two paragraphs of small English of Google business information first, let Microsoft and Google interpreter become simplified Chinese respectively. See the result of Microsoft first:

Interpreter 1
Graph 1 Microsoft translates a result

Of comparative Google:

Interpreter 2
Graph 2 Google translates a result

Notable is, specially of Microsoft Live interpreter offerred the name is " computer the option of relevant content " , allow an user to be in interpreter and the it is better to be obtained when content outcome related the computer. In above example, already pitch on this. The individual thinks, the interpreter of Google provides readability more as a result under photograph comparing, be mingled with is returned in the result that translates because of Microsoft Live many English words. Look from interpreter speed, google still takes actor.

For fair for the purpose of, change a paragraph of on Microsoft official net content about enterprise society responsibility to be translated again. Of Microsoft:

Interpreter 3
Graph 3 Microsoft translate a result

Of Google:

Interpreter 4
Graph 4 Google translates a result

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