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Globalization times has Chinese interpret problem of the noun with solid
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Xu of university of Beijing foreign language is made the same score

The transmission of culture often is compared to be ” of ball and chain of gold of a “ . From the mankind of the transmission that this kind of culture appears in civilization history only then, put in the problem that a language translates. Be in especially when introducing a kind unlike homeland or the culture of this nation, because phonetic is restricted, and need people to make massive effort.

When undertaking an interpreter to inherent noun of the foreign country, it is adopted transliteration step commonly. However, name of say Japanese person, place name the interpreter of the inherent noun that wait, with respect to cannot say be an interpreter. Because Sino-Japanese two countries uses a Chinese character, the interpreter that there is a name in solid as a result (for the moment says for the interpreter) when, the Chinese character that is will original term numerates directly by the pronunciation of him country Chinese character.

Face the globalization period that develops increasingly, we very the translation problem that is necessary to examine inherent to the foreign country noun afresh. To do not make make a mistake information, to make the Chinese knows foreign thing morely, we think very be necessary to be being translated with the character while, the pronunciation that wants will original name tells everybody.

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