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Google online translation software - - the good news of the person that does not
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Google Is Really Imaginative, and A Translation Of The Tools Below Are Extracts: Google Website Translation Tools Is Actually Google Is Testing The Online Version Of The Website Translation Services Procedures, which May At Any Time Will Be Required To Translate The Contents Of The Translation For Your Language Needs (of Course Must Be Supported By Google) . In Addition To General English, english Chinese Translation Function, it Can Be Translated To English In French, spanish, portuguese, italian And Japanese, can Be German, french, italian, japanese Translated Into English. With This Convenient Tool, after Visiting The Foreign-language Websites, even If Not Perfect Understanding Of Its Content, but At Least Can Generally Understand Its Meaning. To Use Google's Translation Tools To Be Connected To The Internet.

The interpreter is as follows:
Google has imagination really, have an interpreter below the tool summary: GThe online edition webpage that actually Google is checking tool of Oogle webpage interpreter translates the program of the service, the language demand that the content interpreter that can translate need at any time is you (should support Google) of course. Work besides general English, English-Chinese interpreter, can translate English French, Spain article, Portuguese article, Italy, Japan, Germany OK, France, Italy article, Japanese translates Cheng Yingwen. This one convenient tool, visitting the website of the foreign language, although understand its content faultily, but understand its significance roughly at least. China of use Google ' translates a tool to must join to Internet.
(article origin: Interpreter industry website)

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