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American home institute checks Google translation software to defeat IBM
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News of celestial pole network (Lv Hailiang is compiled) report according to dispatches from foreign news agency, in the test of the translation software of a computer that makes in place of near future of institute of American country science and technology, google beat the rival such as IBM and other learning orgnaization.

In the interpreter test that turns over Ying Yan language and Chinese to turn over English in Arabic, of Google notch highest. The material that the test chooses is taken respectively arrive from December 1, 2004 during January 24, 2005 Afp and 100 manuscripts of Xinhua News Agency. Relevant result is at the beginning of August already released.

Previously, the English that the computer translates is read rise knock stutter cling to, handle through increasing the computer ability and increase sampling data, the scientist raises the exact rate of these translation systems greatly.

The machine translation tool of Google is done faultily, but they win out in this contest however. This the test notchs limits is from 0 to 1. The Arabic test of Google notchs 0.5137, chinese test notchs is 0.3531. South notch in the Arabic of California university and Chinese test the platoon is in the 2nd, it is respectively 0.4657 with 0.3073. The Arabic of IBM company and Chinese test notch it is respectively 0.4646 with 0.257.

The expert is conjectural, google can obtain this one result probable profit from its huge data source. Must will tell, the material that inputs to computer translation software is more, its result quality is better. Google company searched business to had accumulated the interpreter network page of billions of through its.
(article origin: Interpreter industry website)

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