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Internet is translating medium magical function
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The occurrence of the network brought huge advantage to we live and work, it is revolutionary to translating the influence of worker to be able to say, the society uses Internet, can improve work efficiency greatly, improve interpreter quality, like how his interpreter reference book cannot compare its dominant position. The article is with the search engine Www.google.com with the at present greatest whole world exemple, to everybody introduction my individual assists a few experience when the interpreter to experience in use Internet, consult for everybody.

1.The interpreter of proper-noun and reductive
The proper-noun that says here includes: Name of person name, place name, work, origanization construction name. Interpreter proper-noun should accord with habit or original statement (answer interpret) .

1.1 people name: Ying Yizhong
To not familiar person name, place name, express an interpreter according to transliteration commonly. Transliteration watch sees " English-Chinese big dictionary " , chief editor of Liu Gu grandson, shanghai translation press
To familiar person name, place name, if want interpret to be Chinese, or know Chinese translated term articulates, but do not know to write a law, english name can be inputted in Google, click search Chinese webpage, can the translator that bear the blame is in after Chinese name, add with bracket register textual name. Before adding the name that register, it is you look for wanted translated text
If the interpret law of fish is more than a kind, one the choice is commonly used kind (input different Chinese name respectively Google is searched, which Hits is much, which more commonly used) , but the most commonly used also may not be best, judge according to oneself even so, be like, want to search the Chinese translated term or name of Aung San Suu Kyi of Burmese opposition leader, aung San Suu Kyi can be inputted in Google search casing, click a search all Chinese webpage, can see have basically have way of 3 kinds of interpret: Hold season of the Su Ji of hill of Shan Shuji, old man, element that hold hill high high. If have a kind only, did not choose leeway naturally; Appeared now 3 kinds, be about to decide to which use. You can part 3 kinds of translated term the input searchs casing, click a search simplified Chinese webpage (“ includes Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and abroad Chinese webpage in ” of all Chinese webpage) , see which Hits much. Result discovery: Hold Shan Shuji high to have 610, weng Shan Su Ji has 186, hold Shan Suji high to have 5620. Will look from the amount, ought to use “ to hold Shan Suji ” high. If you want to ensure the interpret standard of this interpret law and our country Ministry of Foreign Affairs is uniform further, should read concerned article whether the article of Chinese government media. Checking a result is affirmative.

1.2 people name: Chinese translated term reductive for English
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