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Wuhan makes the whole world center of multilingual information processing
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Wuhan makes center of information processing of multiligualism of “ whole world”
—— translates an industry to aid force Wuhan to fly

On March 5, 2008, ” of the Asia's biggest center of information processing of multiligualism of “ lifelike Wuhan is in Wuhan east software park of Guang Gu of lake developing zone holds the grand ceremony that uncover a shop sign, the leader uncovers a shop sign for the center personally related Wuhan city, intercurrent watch speaks.
Wuhan east since development of lake new technology holds water oneself, take own innovation seriously, development characteristic is new and high technical industry, resource conformity ability is powerful, plan in the unity of the developing zone and support energetically below, center of information processing of lifelike Wuhan multiligualism arranges benefit settle east development of lake new technology.
This center by only of net of government of Chinese Olympic committee limited company of IT of combination of lifelike of multilingual partner —— is built, according to the Asia the most massive program, become work up the center of multilingual information processing with the largest whole world. Own research and development of company of this center use lifelike, own independent intellectual property, be in international to precede “ lifelike of the level assists interpreter and administrative platform ” , in coordination global dragoman, expert works at the same time, day handling capacity can amount to millions word, can bear the weight of at the same time multinomial exceed large-scale interpreter job. A few days ago, project of interpreter of Olympic committee part already moved ” of center of information processing of multiligualism of Wuhan of division “ lifelike undertakes.
Chiliad Hunan Wuhan is in the Party Central Committee is mid below the strategic guidance that rise abruptly, the internationalization that already made mid area come first on the list is metropolitan. Wuhan not only historical culture long, situation is advantageous, advantage of talent, area is very clear also, course class is all ready, talent reserve is rich and generous, it is to combine article of state religion division to specify base of foreign language talent. Two model the pace that the new fixed position of social test division also will quicken Wuhan to fly, be in in the near future, the internationalization that Wuhan is sure to become equipment to suffer the whole world to pay close attention to is metropolitan.
Interpreter industry promotes position of global economic integration and implementation economy the forerunner property that can develop continuously, strategy industry as our country, matter to China to move toward the world, problem that blends in global unifinication economy with what kind of speed with what kind of speed. The settle of center of information processing of lifelike Wuhan multiligualism, the Wuhan infuse that flies to be in new window, the interpreter industry environment of Wuhan place brew makes the communication forward position that Wuhan became China and world, and the development of ” of center of information processing of multiligualism of whole world of this center “ plans to mean Wuhan to will be in future becomes the whole world to translate a hub inside period of time, make global up to date information build up the ground and ground of disperse the internal heat with sudorifics, the generation land that makes newest concept and ground of carry out travel, the precursory city that becomes to representing new idea, new technology, new concept. This has the unique fixed position of bright internationalization characteristic, make globalization brand have extremely high value to Wuhan.
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