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Advanced CRM manages platform to help force lifelike interpreter
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Limited company of lifelike combination IT is the domain such as finance and economics of communication of chemical industry of car machinery, energy, IT, law at present the interpreter of numerous and well-known company serves a provider. As the rapid development of company business, also increase amount of client information, employee, servive routine in great quantities subsequently.

Recently, company of TurboCRM of lifelike couplet contract reachs collaboration, through applying its advanced CRM manages platform, on the foundation of information of archives of integrated client static state and dynamic business information, implementation translates the seasonable monitoring of flow and guidance to project type, strengthen the information between the branch to share with deliver, improve the work efficiency that cooperates in coordination between employee of different branch, part, so that offer more efficient, perfect translation for each industry client,serve.

In the meantime, because translate the characteristic of the industry, lifelike still will use CRM system to strengthen intellectual management jointly, undertake be evaluated objectively and coaching to the working process of employee and working performance, make the administrative pattern with outstanding efficiency, conduce to the strategic goal that achieves 2008 lifelike to take off in the round then.
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