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Well-known scholar and translator Professor Zhu Zhenwu to my school to give le
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November 15 afternoon, should be at the invitation of Foreign Languages Institute and scientific research, the famous scholar, "The Da Vinci • Password" and a series of best-selling book translator, world literature, post-doctoral, doctoral supervisor Professor Zhu Zhenwu East China Normal University in the Western medical education 403 and the ninth floor conference room were my school teachers and students of Foreign Languages School were two of about 400, entitled " The successful conduct of Literary Translation" and "operation with a number of academic research" academic report. Professor Chu in a password as a prologue, not only expressed Nice to meet you (lucky you become attached to) the meaning, more naturally to us into the mysterious world of Dan Brown •. Guo sales reports from talk in the novel, compared to the people of China and the United States and Europe there is the difference between reading amount and reading habits, and the American master of suspense novels • Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code •" for example, in-depth about the writers and works of literary success factors in the process of translation should be noted that universal, and so entertaining and fashionable features, pay attention to the complicated and confusing plot, the interpretation of good and evil, present in the humane care and other factors. Combined with their own translation of "The Da Vinci • Password," "fraud" and other works, Professor Zhu Zhenwu he insists that "context is similar to image similar, in the form similar to the" three-point translation of the concept, and introduced his lecture in a foreign country translation for foreign students during the "moon Huaiyuan" and other works revealed the translation of literature should be understood in the rhyme, form, and yin and yang frustrated translation of the basic laws such as share their own poems from the Tang and Song dynasties to modern modern "hero Translation" other translation process recommended to the students "lost secret character," "Angels & Demons" and other outstanding works. Meanwhile, Foreign Languages Institute and Professor Zhu young teachers to Western literature, translation, and direction of academic research conducted in-depth discussion and exchanges. Report by the Dean of the School of Foreign Languages beam Xuejun chaired the meeting. Two reports will be rich in content and easy lively atmosphere, so that teachers and students benefited greatly aroused students of world literature and translation of the infinite longing to help young teachers Foreign Languages Institute to develop the vision of academic research and research ideas, enhance self-confidence. Zhuzhen Wu is currently a professor at Shanghai University, East China Normal University doctoral supervisor, created the only national U.S. MA in Anglo-American novel research direction, has translated the translation or the Lord Dan • Brown's "The Da Vinci Code •", "Digital Fortress" "Angels and Demons" and "fraud", known as the Dan Brown novel • "Queen translator."
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