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Translation from small to large coach Jose Mourinho is the best understanding o
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"The world's most people who know you, more often than not your friend, but your enemy. Because only your enemy before they agree to make an effort to study your weaknesses." This is the cologne in the martial arts world is often described his ideas, and this applies equally into the world of football. Also, Barcelona is also the most knowledgeable about the rival Jose Mourinho, who like two peerless master, will battle the top of the Forbidden. Barcelona 5-year career in creating the "villain," Mourinho As a coach, Barcelona, Mourinho can be described as among the top teams in Europe play against one of the largest, which is quite do not understand. Moreover, as early as five-year period 1996-2000, the birds still in La Maxi magic translation of Adam and his assistant for five years, during which the upper and lower values for Barcelona, and play and so has a very deep understanding. In 1996, Jose Mourinho sudden fortune, was only 33-year-old Portuguese nationality nationality unknown, but he came to Barcelona as England team manager Bobby membership - Robson's translation. November 24 that year, Barcelona and Bilbao game, the locker room before the game, the magic of the birds had to use strong words, words to encourage Barcelona by opponents to the morale of the players, the result of his accident was the other position is know. After the game, a look of anger toward the Basque coach Jose Mourinho, complete mockery of Pakistan coach mad at the same time, have also been Zuanjin his fists. At this point, when he was Barcelona captain Josep Guardiola to come forward for the madman Dangxia the crisis. This is just a microcosm of his at Barcelona, more often he, as Robson, Van Gaal and the translation of Cruyff's not all the time in the absorption of the essence of these masters, lesson plans Robson has a thick, Muli Ni Austria to copy down all the lesson plans, use of spare time to read every day. Encounter does not understand, he will ask to Robson even Cruyff, but he still has a lot of his views, so the sports city of Barcelona at the time often to see Robson, Cruyff Hemu Li Niao flushed three arguments. Check the Nou Camp since since Cruyff, the Dutch have been identified to Barcelona to play, and it passed down, like today's Rama West Asia, Barcelona's style has not change much. The years in Barcelona Mourinho eager to learn enough to learn a lot. Tactics and systems for Barcelona, his familiar. Know ourselves, Mourinho to win a Ping Zhang Know ourselves and know yourself, at the end of Barcelona's assistant career, the 2004 Cup champion, he reached the first peak in life. White Chelsea after he began an endless war against Barcelona. Then this process, as an opponent, he has a further interpretation for Barcelona, Real Madrid, which is very important, because the birds have the most magic of sufficient information, that he is most knowledgeable about the rival Barcelona in no way an exaggeration. In addition, as Chelsea and Inter Milan coach, Jose Mourinho both won the league title, if the madman of the season in the Iberian peninsula to La Liga crown to the bag, then he will be the first bit of history Set the league title as one of three people. However, if we won the La Liga champions, Barcelona is a hurdle that must buy in the past, once to get the La Liga champions, then the magic of birds from the perfect to further the. Barcelona win, Mourinho beyond the self Semi-final loss to Barcelona last season, Mourinho has not affected the team's prowess in the next World Cup, the main force for the team to Barcelona of Spain in South Africa won the World Cup success, and this is against Barcelona certainly the best strength. On all fronts this season, the team continued gains across the board, led by Jose Mourinho at this time ushered in the challenge of Real Madrid is extremely exciting. Mourinho for Barcelona on in his mind forever occupy a special place that the early years where followers madman Robson, Van Gaal, Cruyff and so learn a little bit marshal football nutrition, and later began his coaching career, and soon to be successful. Mourinho's style can be said that in theory should be the principle of Barcelona, but we know that Moody's style and Barcelona style is the opposite. Perhaps extremes meet in Barcelona to the Portuguese of those days felt deeply offensive to suppress Barcelona must have their own unique set of defensive skills and winning way. In England and Italy, Jose Mourinho is a seat with the club's honorary trophy room filled with all kinds of pride. However, the change to the Spanish it? Can he succeed in this. If the madman is successful, then as a coach from West Rama, he can be said beyond the self, with their own theories to overcome the original teacher. Once he got both at Real Madrid Champions League or the Champions League title, he will become the first in three different league history to win the title first. And what is your sharp spear or shield me hard, it all had to wait until after the results were revealed to understand, but before the match, when you do not know the result, they often have the most people excited about for the next to happen is full of expectations, and I believe Barcelona and Mourinho will not let us down.
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