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Discuss Ying Yihan skill
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The skill that should understand truly and masters Ying Yihan is not easy. The meeting when Ying Yihan encounters various difficulty: Above all the Cai Enneng such as the culture that we want to understand English to use a country, custom, habit's quite true understanding English. Otherwise an English is in flower beauty looks follow a rational line to do some work well, and looking in the Chinese is reverse, desultory however, very at odds. It is we should have very solid Chinese strength next, such ability avoid to cannot use appropriate language to state the content of English in translating a process. Additional, when be being translated at the same time, still ask we want to understand relevant industry cultural background, because be in the article of our interpreter, content may involve each intellectual fields, and the thing that these intellectual domain most are our not quite familiar foreign country, if do not have corresponding literacy knowledge hard to avoid,do not appear the accident in a few interpreters or jest. Encounter so much difficulty because of the meeting when Ying Yihan just about, so, we must adopt interpreter practice, to English-Chinese the characteristic of two kinds of different languages tries comparative, general situation and summary, come in order to find out common expressive law, avoid to appear a few interpreters that ought not to appear are wrong, and the rule of these expression is the interpreter skill that we say.

One, the choice of acceptation and skill of extend the meaning

Sino-British the metropolis in asking appears one word is mixed many kinds phenomenon of one word multivocal. One word shows a word often belongs to a few parts of words many kinds namely, have a few different senses; One word is much justice it is same a the meaning of a word that the word often has a few to differ again in same parts of words. In Ying Yihan's process, we are in make clear former a structural hind, be about to be good at applying choose and decide former sentence in the skill of keyword acceptation, in order to make nature of place interpret statement fluent, accord with the view that Chinese is used to; The choice decides acceptation can begin from two respects normally:

1, be in according to the word a medium parts of words will choose and define the meaning of a word

They Are As Like As Two Peas. They are extremely similar. (adjective)

He Likes Mathematics More Than Physics. He likes maths very at liking physics. (verb)

Wheat, oat, and The Like Are Cereals. Wheaten, oaten all fasten corn etc. (noun)

2, according to context connection and word are in a medium tie-in relation will choose and define the meaning of a word.

He Is The Last Man To Come. He comes finally.

He Is The Last Person For Such A Job. He deserves to do this work least of all.

He Should Be The Last Man To Blame. How ought not to also blame him.
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