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Interpreter language needs to understand the culture of language backside first
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We know, the language is the mainest tool that the mankind has communication. Oneself the mankind begins, different thinking kind and life are consuetudinary make the language formed different expressive kind; Other language all has different people, state its style.

It is with English and Chinese exemple, their cent belongs to two kinds of disparate phylum, differ on expressive means consequently very far. For example, we cannot find out " of elder brother of a " or " of " younger brother in English, "The individual character of elder sister " or " of " younger sister; The Uncle in English is " of " of uncle of " of uncle of " uncle " , Uncle " " , " , " or Uncle " after all, differentiate very hard also; Additional, the Cousin in English is the male or female also get the context with proper basis to just can be distinguished after all; Word of 10 thousand " went to the " with medium Chinese Ten Thousand(was become in English 10 thousand) . Be like again, when someone cries you to go, your answer says " came " , what use on literal is in the past when, interpret became "I'm Coming" however for English; The Chinese tells courtesy, habit with the other side of self-abasement drive up, ask a person the full name to used " consults name " for instance, but flower beauty is not however such, because this is when the interpreter, absolutely cannot interpret is Please Teach Me Your Greatname1 and can is interpret May I Know(or Ask or Have)your Name? Or What's Your Name, please?

Besides, because culture setting is different, sometimes the person to different society, same a word or same kind expressive means often can have different sense. For example, deng Yanchang (1997:167) is in " language and culture " had cited in one book a such stories: Mi moraine is registering a trademark at the door? of Xing Huanyi  , solicit the client that knows English. Write on the brand: Shoes For Street Walking. Come In And Have A Fit. This brand causes the attention of a lot of sight-seer that know English, they get together before inn- - not be the goods that sees the place in shopwindow exhibit, see the word on the brand however, after looking, burst out laughing. Merchant is an Italian, can say a bit English, but he does not know Street Walker is not " rambles the person " of the ave however the hooter " that " draws a customer in street, to Have A Fit also is not " tries on " , however " agitatedly " . The passer that knows English saw this brand sense comical absurdity of course.

Be like again, in Chinese culture, the thought often is together with abdominal connection, comb and arrange silk threads-attend to state affairs like bellyful of " of " bellyful article, " abdomen of " of " , " a draft worked out in one's mind, " discusses " of grumble of " , " to wait, be like when flower interpret give interpret of " abdomen " : A Bellyful Of Essays, a Bellyful Of Scholarship, draft S In The Belly, criticism In The Belly, reader of English of A Bellyful Of Complaints can feel indescribable for certain, because they also do not have a law to wait for " statecraft " to be contacted with " abdomen " anyhow, be forced to change interpret to be: To Have One's Mind Full Of Essays, to Have One's Mind Full Of Scholarship, drafts Worked Out In One's Mind, silent Criticism, full Of Complaints.
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