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Geographical environment is affected to what Sino-British idiom translates
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Closely related the labor of the generation of idiom and people, life and located geographical environment. Well-known, england is an insularity, and criterion of the Han nationality multiplies in Asian mainland life all the time. In appearance consequently someone spends money when extravagant, english and " water " are concerned, it is Spend Money Like Water, and Chinese is " of " spend money like water.

Because geographical environment is amiable those who await a condition is different, "East wind " is the wind " of " spring in the Chinese's memory, indicative " spring " and " warm " , so the ancients often has " east wind of newspaper spring " say. But " of " east wind does not denounce an Englishman to like. There is When The Wind Is In The East in British adage, east wind of It's Good For Neither Man Nor Beast (arrives, cold wind is blown, bad to domestic animals to the person) . Because " of " east wind is the " of " cold wind that blows from European mainland,this is, indicative " cold " , " makes a person unhappy " . As contrary as the Chinese, the Englishman likes " of " west wind, its message to people report spring, reason has " west wind the character of newspaper spring " . The Lai of romanticism poet snow with famous England ever had written a poem " west wind eulogy " (Ode To The West Wind) , final group of the poem is a beautiful line that passes for all time, conveyed him to mix to good longing of future sturdy belief: O, wind, if Winter Comes, can Spring Be Far Behind? (Ah, west wind, if had come in the winter, is spring still met far? Is spring still met far??

The difference of culture still is reflected go up in the understanding to same thing. A little special thing has rich connotation and extension in culture of a kind of language, and can cause happiness associate. For instance ox, because China is given priority to with Niu Geng from of old, farm cattle and people a very short time get along, in Chinese eye, farm cattle is symbolize with one's shoulder to collar, people often is the person analogy of those conscientious, willingly bear the burden of hard works " willing ox " . Lu Xun gentleman ever had pleasant of " bow one's head to be child the name of bovine " sentence. But British ancient time basically relies on Ma Geng, because this is in flower beauty,the Ma Cai in culture is to be mixed with one's shoulder to collar symbolize hard-workingly. So Chinese has " muscularity to be like bovine " , english says As Strong As A Horse; Chinese tells " laborious like the ox " , english is Work Like A Horse.

Accordingly, we often say, interpreter need knowledge is extensive, because translate what need does not only it is to translate a kind of language, it is to pass a kind of culture more.

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