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Translate pair of medium interpret and artistic treatment
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Because differ,the corresponding circumstance between language character has a difference each, some OK and complete correspondence, some can the share is corresponding. Accordingly, the need when the interpreter undertakes a few special processing, the method that if make give out to be opposite completely,interpret and part combine to interpret photograph, undertake artistic treatment wait, it is to interpret with English-Chinese now exemple, respectively citing summarizes as follows:

(one) be opposite completely interpret
Every uses this kind of method proper-noun, professional term commonly to interpret, do not involve issue of one word multivocal, compare good processing so, for example: A. Bank of countryman of Pakistan of National Bank Of PakistanB. The European Economic of European Economic Community(EEC) (Europe in all body)

(2) the part is right interpret
When encountering polysemant, which kind of acceptation that should decide it according to it in the meaning of context are the same as Chinese (Chinese) answer relatively, after perhaps be close to, ability decides to accept or reject, for example: A. Who Has Torn The Cover Of My Book? (cover)B. We Are Today Forwarding You Our New Test Key Under Separate Cover. (envelope, envelope)
When encountering situation of one word multivocal, must find correspondence or adjacent word according to context, interpret without real understanding of avoid by all means. Middling of bank credit business says to extend loan, of English extend 2 words can use Make, Issue, Launch to wait, if extend,borrow money but interpret makes To Launch A Loan. But the one word of Launch here differred with elsewhere meaning. Be like To Launch A Movement, campaign, drive organizes motion, activity; To Launch A Training Program, class, course is held groom class, to Launch A Satellite launchs a satellite.

(3) artistic treatment
The interpreter is a kind of job that creates again, this already became the consensus of people, be opposite simply the circumstance of interpret is very few, even if be opposite completely in literalness interpret, also can produce the change of word order, be like: English says "go To See The Doctor" (metaphrase sees a doctor to go) , and Chinese is used to however say " goes looking (look) ill " . Conversely, chinese says " restores fatigue " (had better say " removes fatigue " ) , english is used to however say "relax One's Mind Or Relax Oneself" (let cerebrum loosen) , cannot become "resume Fatigue" to interpret by literal meaning absolutely (fatigue) , english of begin to learn person often make similar mistake. Be like again: The foreign country invests directly, chang Yicheng "direct Foreign Investment" (direct foreign country invests) , also interpret makes "foreign Direct Investment" . The author thinks latter is better, because emphasize casting the adjunct " of type of those representing capital,one word relies on direct " closely before its, accord with English habit.
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