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What is just good translation
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Good translation is “ art line of business has specialize in ” . A good translation is not to must go up know astronomy, geography knows below, perfectness biology medicine, know ode of poetic word song even. He has a few adept fields, also have the field that does not understand, this is very normal. The person's energy is finite, the field that can study deep is very narrow also. Good translation can say the industry that gives his to be good at self-confidently, also can the industry that him speak bluntly does not contact. Actually, come up against an interpreter to say, my what industry can break up, just be the most terrible.
Good translation is “ cantankerous ” . With who to quarrel? Quarrel with school interpret. The person does not have perfect man, gold does not have pure gold. Good translation understands this reason deeply. A good translation, finishing interpreter job while, sure requirement the interpreter work that interpret of a school will come to evaluate and revise him. Without school interpret, he will be grouchy, can think to be opposite his working ignored. It is good that this advertises “ quality with some arrive need not the interpreter polarity of school interpret ” . A good translation, can notice the every act of school interpret momently, see careful school stalks of grain, can be in compare original to oneself interpreter work for a short while. Then and school interpret “ quarrel ” . A word, sentence, slowly consider, fine fine experience, who is the controversy those who use is good, what who uses is bad, every quarrel, the interpreter's level go up again a step. Say so, “ of good translation love quarrels ” , ceaseless also pursuit is perfect. Encounter profess “ need not school interpret ” , or the translator that never reads modification draft, just be the thing that your poll is fond of.
Good translation is the ” that “ never is late. To good translation, the time that has agreed, than what important. Before beginning an interpreter, he the can sufficient working hours that has estimated oneself, give out an exact time that finish and time error limits. In give out after this time limits, he can do his best abide by acceptance. Once the circumstance exceeded his control range, he can inform in time, estimate time again, communicate as far as possible talk things over. Such interpreter, just let a person be at ease, feel reliable. Most those who fear is those do not inform, do not communicate, cannot decide the interpreter of time, feel restless letting a person, inestimable.
Good translation is the perfect union ” of “ speed and quality. The interpreter is a person not be a machine, the person has 24 hours only, everyday translation volume also can have an upper limit certainly. How to accomplish in finite is best quality is made in time, it is the interpreter that every translator needs to never be broken in the job, a balance that find is nodded. Fast and high grade, it is the objective that a good translation pursues. Seek rate blindly, and of ignored interpreter quality rise, although apparently looking is efficient, the way that high yield gives, but also be irresponsible practice actually. And go after quality blindly, word word deliberate, consider repeatedly, although be the practice with responsible with one one's heart, but also can be washed out by the market of fast rhythm. So, good translation can find both balance, make he can have indefectible competition ability on the interpreter's market all the time.
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