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Say the translator of Europe article work
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Washington • Ervine (1783-1859) it is American proser and short story home. His lifetime Ceng San is spent go to Europe, during this he accumulated rich creation material. Since 1819, he publishs a lot of essays, essay and story in succession. The assemble was become 1820 " information reading notes " , publish in England cause sensation, circulate very wide, make he becomes the first United States writer that gains international reputation, be known as the father ” of literature of “ United States. The person such as Sigete and Baron becomes his intimate friend, sa Kelei says its are the literary world of “ new world to send toward the first of old world ambassadorial ” . Its " information reading notes " the first when be known as the United States to be full of imagination true classic, “ comprised the new era ” of that nation literature that it belongs to. Ervine " information reading notes " artistic level, the other that exceeded him an any work. It with excellent artistic skill, the true picture romanticism crank and daily life setting, humour and lyric union are together.

The author loves to have to Ben Shuxi add, at translating it into Chinese more than 10 years ago. But because intellectual water is gentle at that time,translate experience (the interpreter must want to much practice experience accumulates ability to go) insufficient, interpret draft is failure first. Main problem is a language too straight, insufficient Jian Lian, lack prosaic lasting appeal, without literary grace, fail naturally to reflect an Ervine the sort of quaint style. In concerned teacher give directions below, I interpret draft is overthrown first, word for word undertakes modification, almost retranslate one. From interpret draft stalks of grain to retranslate first, experienced 10 years of time unexpectedly, the editor says “ go through the mill 10 years ” has not been been really. The translation after revising, overcame the problem that interpret stalks of grain first greatly, get concerned the personage's affirmation. Clumsy interpret was published by press of Guangxi Normal University 2003, publication English-Chinese of Chinese book publishing house contrasted 2007 handpick this, and some company had brought into reprint plan again 2008. This makes a person gratified very. Although turned over translation book author to pay a lot of (this book is translated not easily, at that time everyday interpret 5, 600 words, very slow) , but also harvest not small.

I feel literary interpreter achieves main demand besides do one's best -- understand namely accurate, translation is fluent -- still must literary grace of be particular about, accomplish article if person. Interpret the work of some writer, be about to let a reader experience the author's style and literary grace from inside translation. If translation did not have literary grace, although understanding is accurate, the language is fluent, also lost a sense greatly. Outstanding writer has him language color. Your interpret earths up a root to be about to resemble earthing up a root, and some translation took shape completely, primary experience letting a person is less than the glamour of ” of person of “ article if. Really, if translation lost due style, if be widely divergent with the author's style, so read rising is tasteless!
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