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Interpret makes quality coast, the reason wheres
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Digest interpret of “ abstract ” into “ ” , suck “ Luo Lunci interpret of ” of an added ingredient became ” of content of gravitation of Lan Zhe of “ grand • , a lot of mistake that the interpret of ” of Gore of “ of vice president of former United States established by usage becomes interpret of home of ”…… of “ Gao Rui to make makes a person horrible really. Does the reason where?

Yan Xiaohong of deputy director general of bureau of copyright of long, nation ever was opposite countersign of total arrange of new scent edition this has undertaken thorough analysis, he thinks the cause that creates this one current situation has the following kinds roughly:

It is social liability issue. Publication worker should put social beneficial result in originally the first, should be the bear the blame work of social dedication high quality. But the social sense of responsibility with a few translator and publisher primary lack, cause interpret to make quality low.

2 it is professional morality problem. Personnel of a few interpreters, publication unit lacks the spirit that is in charge of gravely, even a few people that do not know a foreign language also are translating books, or opportunistic, make the interpret that others gives immense work alter the interpreter that became oneself, lack the professional morality of at least.

3 it is to publish an unit to seek economic increase one-sidedly. The interpreter work with a lot of inferior quality is famous book more kind or common work of kind of popular books, literature. This kind of work already crossed copyright not less area of reader of protective period, society is large, have certain publication heat. A few presses fall in the blundering, state of mind that pursues interest, brash organization is translated, these version that repeat an interpreter not only cannot surmount on artistic style already some version, exist instead a lot of mistranslate, by accident law of interpret, interpret is illogical wait a problem a moment.

4 it is ability of some publication unit itself finite, do not possess the qualification that authorized interpret stalks of grain, cannot be judged to translating manuscript quality and guard a pass, organize interpreter work to publish however.

5 it is to publish an administration to carry out a country not strictly to concern a provision. System of books quality safeguard has strict operating sequence and quality to guard a pass to publication content requirement, for instance 3 careful system. But some presses are not fulfilled to this reach the designated position, flow at the form.

In addition, book number of buy in and sell at a profit of a few presses, make for inferior interpret published convenient door, also be one of reasons.

Be aimed at above a variety of malpractice, news publishs total arrange to will support outstanding work to translate publication job on one hand, formulate concerns a program, increase what make to outstanding interpret to choose promotive job, establish a few good interpret to make a brand. Produce oriented effect, make better into publication more work; The society that should increase quality of pair of interpreter books publication on the other hand is supervised with management, strengthen macroscopical adjusting control, special processing and examination, at the same time inferior to quality publication undertakes exposure, criticism, boycott the behavior of the press manufacture in a rough way.
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