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Is affecting the factor that translates career success or failure interpreter le
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Affecting the factor that translates career success or failure often is not the interpreter's level, the manner that cooperates with the person however. Translating a level is basic only, reach a certain level namely can, this is most person is done get.

More difficult is development coadjutant network, develop the network that gives of all kinds talent to be able to be assisted each other namely, this is some more difficult. There is the possibility that comparative however on ProZ.com, the experience of my individual is, here can find many co-worker that are worth reliance, in fact my most co-worker is found in ProZ.com, individually very reliable. This needs careful observation, get in touch in opportune opportune moment, discretion tries cooperative way, a lot of translate the problem that go up insolubly to be able to find appropriate co-worker to be obtained in cooperative network alone solve.

The disposition of everybody and disposition are different, there can be a person to exist in the network, but they can not have experience each other, the person that uses a network only knows their each for private use is solving kind of what problem. But the most crucial question that still develops oneself solves ability, still want to guard a pass personally in the most crucial place, cannot expect others finishs the job completely for you, the money that should earn because of you won't him sacrifice goes to somebody earning for you, what you should pay is absolutely run to be not dropped.

Say an experience. I once hoped to foster a translator, first from build a relation to begin, observation gives him simpler text processing after period of time, and it is from careful school the manuscript begins, price begins from $0.03, but achieve let him handle manuscript interpreter alone, price from $0.04 error gave when jumping to $0.08, collaboration cannot continue, because he thinks,get for what I do before my exploit. I discover my mistake is, his interpreter level is less than that price actually, because was close to too with him,I am only, know he has economically demand, sacrifice so myself due part, hope thereby encourages him to do an interpreter attentively more, did not think of to be misunderstood. After having this experience, I give raise the quota more easily no longer, most co-worker is the level that comparative, also obtain the price of the $0.03 ~ $ 0.06 that comparative, give a bit bonus below special situation only.

General translator is the person that typical singles is fought alone, the problem loses KudoZ to come up namely, very few person can think of beautiful money seeks advice to others. My situation is different, I would rather spend money to give the person that is worth reliance to solve a problem the thing. This develops the method of cooperative network namely actually: Do not want treat unfairly others; The discovery after the attempt adds up to what do not come, do not continue to cooperate constrainedly. A bit very important: Following you to cannot cooperate is not horizontal inadequacy certainly, probable it is disposition shoulds not with you only, do not criticize family assorted so, cooperating no longer is. Say a bit simpler: Wishing him great plan is exhibited greatly is.
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