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Interpreter industry day enters a bottle of gold to hand in the ability that sen
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The classics trade between China and world each country, culture, education interacts in recent years more and more frequent, have a lot of everyday all sorts of international conference is held in China or Chinese delegacy attends, interpreter market also subsequently hot rise. Be in Beijing, interpreter industry is called the ” of “ gold rice bowl that day receives a bottle of gold, compare in vacancy of market of side of talent market demand big. The oral interpretation talent that in translating a talent, is engaged in passing interpret and simultaneous interpretation alternately is to demand exceeds supply more, demand is very big.

The interpreter talent demand of high administrative levels is increased

According to " capital times " report, from personnel of course of study Mr Wang says inside course of study, in recent years the interpreter talent demand of high administrative levels is increased, corresponding advanced interpreter talent searchs harder relatively, hand in especially pass and demand of oral instruction talent is highlighted increasingly. The basis is imperscriptible from statistic of personnel of course of study, of countrywide simultaneous interpretation do not exceed 500 people from amount of personnel of course of study, of Beijing pass together hold the proportion of 1/3 from trade number.

And only these 3 cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou have China to be the same as a certain quantity ofly pass, other city is very rare be short of. And from the point of interpreter domain, the oral interpretation talent of industry of chemical industry, car, oil, medical treatment is very at present popular.

Professional oral interpretation is the oral interpretation of top end, include judicial oral interpretation and conference oral interpretation. Judicial oral interpretation, as international lawsuit, arbitral general affairs increasingly grow in quantity, the demand to talent of judicial oral interpretation also is highlighted increasingly. The working environment of dragoman of judicial oral interpretation is more special, also have higher demand to legal knowledge. Conference oral interpretation, include to pass interpret and simultaneous interpretation alternately skill of two kinds of oral interpretation. Will tell from industry characteristic, make the distinction that pass and passes together bigger. The alternate means that pass interpret applies extensively at all sorts of negotiations, talk, spot interpreter when chatting, the extemporaneous interpreter such as the speech of all sorts of circumstances, speech or the introduction when visiting visit. And simultaneous interpretation is adopted normally on all sorts of conferences such as the annual meeting that organizes in congress of international seminar, international, international.

In external affairs and business affairs activity, means of this kind of interpreter basically is used in delegate of business affairs of leader of China and foreign countries, China and foreign countries to undertake interviewing, meet, talk, dialog, negotiation, negotiation, bargaining and the circumstance such as visiting visit. Spot interpreter time is close, do not give an interpreter the time of consider, this reacts with respect to requirement interpreter tall, language changes standard of fast, language capability is strong. Simultaneous interpretation is to point to when holding international meeting, while the spokesman speaks, undertake passing interpret by dragoman. The spokesman speaks uninterruptedly, edge interpret listens by the side of dragoman. Ask to translating the talent's quality as a result of conference oral interpretation very tall, accordingly truly outstanding hand inning is passed and sending a talented person together is the ” of “ sweet pastry inside the industry all the time.
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