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Success of territory of our country interpreter is outstanding industry developm
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Promoting human culture communication, transmit the respect such as achievement of information of science and technology, the interpreter had bridge and bond effect. After new China holds water, especially since reforming and opening, in our country various government and interpreter worker joint efforts fall, translate this with traditional industry coruscate green, the interpreter is travelling external, evaluation of edition of interpreter of external affairs diplomacy, military affairs, new scent, talent, education grooms, each domains such as industrial science and technology gained active success.
Ji Xianlin of academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences says, reforming and opening 20 come to China translated academic research and interpreter course construction to have great progress for years, the interpreter makes China blends in the world, also make the world approachs China. Learn an interpreter, teach interpreter, research interpreter, comment the interpreter, be engaged in translating a profession to work to had been become with open to the outside world the social culture of the travel before synchronism one of heat.
Additional, the interpreter service industry of our country also obtained great progress. Translate the not complete count of worker association according to China, the whole nation has had many 3000 orgnaization that provides translation service, cover a variety of forms such as much language, much trade, oral interpretation and written translation and field, can provide language and technical service for domestic and international different client.
In our country interpreter domain obtains the backside of remarkable success, with abroad photograph of person of the same trade is compared, our country translates the competition ability of the rate that the industry grows and future, still have not little difference. Look from long-term point of view, we need to affirm grade, admit difference, find out method, develop quickly.

Idea idea is liberated urgently

What understand thought concept to the interpreter is backward, become the main obstacle that restricts home to translate an industry to develop. Of idea of this kind of idea lag behind to be behaved not only it is on the understanding that develops to translating industry and industry, still behave be moved in arduous to translating worker fatigue and dedicate silently of spirit approbate on.
Many people still stay in the interpreter to the interpreter's understanding is simple language service, it is a career that pursues language service, on the understanding that is a service of accessary low value.
Do not know to stem from what reason, the position in the heart of compatriots compares interpreter profession relatively low. Many personages the view to translating personnel, contain many factitious bias. For example, think the interpreter is a “ microphone ” only, meet only “ echo what other says ” , be like “ parrot ” , and in many homebred films, translate the part of “ opposite ” that often acts.
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