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Simultaneous interpretation -- the interpreter means of current world popularity
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The person that sees citizenship differs in TV news is wearing the occasion of conference of border of earphone found a state, some people think is the work that computer completed synchronism to translate. Actually, there still are a flock of people to work in hardship at the back of earphone, they are the simultaneous interpretation of the conference. Simultaneous interpretation is the means of a kind of interpreter of current world popularity. Current, what the international conference of on the world 95% uses is the means of simultaneous interpretation. Simultaneous interpretation, also be called ” of “ simultaneous interpretation, abbreviation “ passes ” together, a kind be oral interpretation, belong to the tower needle position in structure of oral interpretation pyramid. The characteristic of simultaneous interpretation is the person that tell makes a speech continuously, edge interpret listens by the side of translator, textual as average as translation interval 3 to 4 seconds, reach ten seconds at most. Somebody for fun, passing dragoman to be afraid together is the world on most be good at of one mind 2 used people, this industry is opposite it serves to show what personnel quality asks is tall.
From course of study necessary 6 great quality
The connoisseur thinks, want to become to be the same as outstandingly pass dragoman, must have 6 great quality:
1. Adept foreign language uses capacity. Enunciation clarity, expressive ability is good, cannot have oral speech sound, otherwise everything is avoided talk.
2. The Chinese of freely uses capacity. Simultaneous interpretation makes a round trip between two kinds of languages switch, if do not reach the designated position to the assurance of Chinese, cannot freely the ground wanders between two languages system.
3. Rich intellectual range. International conference is various, the theme is Protean, what becomes a topic for discussion possibly, passing dragoman together should be the Eclectics.
4. Quality mixes good psychology to turn over stress quickly. Want to be able to support so that live enormous actuating pressure and mental pressure; Be good at of one mind 2 with; Be good at abandoning difficulty in appropriate time, oversight mistake, continue hammer and tongs.
5. Excellent body condition. With the energy that express, physical strength, even sarcous organization coordinates ability to want to be able to get used to huge job intensity.
6. Fast study ability. The content that passes bring into contact with together is Protean, the photograph inside Shanghaiguan that needs to know each industry quickly inside short time is allowed and memorize vocabulary of concerned foreign language, so, cerebrum should resemble sponge area bibulous and same have quick study capacity. In the meantime, the expert suggests to had been jumped over earlier all right.

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