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Output of ground of different of translation of Ningxia A language grows a space
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“ I and justice black girl married, brought the home here, gave birth to a baby, everybody says I am typical justice black person. Cross New Year here this year! ” Ningxia is homocentric youth of book the Hui nationality, su Guoqin of 29 years old says gladly in a that of the phone. Ma Jinliang, ningxia is homocentric person, major of language of A of northwest nation university graduates, in justice black a foreign language school teachs, teach A language for local, teach Chinese for the Arab, lunar income 4000 yuan. New year's day also is this year spend in justice black.
Current, justice carnivorous of cafeteria of zero Islamic food, Islamic supplies a dot to wait for many 200, around the life characteristic of Moslem, a relatively perfect Moslem life serves a system already preliminary form. But the translation of language of A of Ningxia Wu Zhong that has advantage of ” of brand of first-class service of “ whole nation is justice black is popular ” of “ sweet pastry. Nowadays, the young person of the Hui nationality that takes from big hill is found out very hard from their body in those days poor and backward shadow. In justice black, Guangzhou and even stone lion, have 3000 translation of language of Wu Zhong A is being hit go all out, this year November the last ten-day of a month, ma Yao of 29 years old takes the passport of country of past middle east before waiting for 32 youths to be gotten from the government sector, make the sign of A of Wu Zhong book that has a passport translated gross to achieve 126. With deputy director general of bureau of obtain employment of work of Wu Zhong town Zhang Shaojun's word says: “ A language is translated in our country south and coastal economy to develop area business circles became ‘ climate ’ . ”
Language of Wu Zhong A translates Ningxia ” of profession of this one “ is initiative at going up century 90 time. At that time, the masses of the Hui nationality that knows Arabic partly is initiative go out, trade in small commodities and other places of lion of stone of active justice black city and Guangzhou city, Fujian does A language to translate a service. In January 2005, wu Zhong city make the best use of the circumstances establishs A language to translate a center in justice black, the Guangzhou that opposite concentration translates in A language in succession after and lion of Fujian Province stone built A language to translate service station respectively. The government was strengthened at the same time go out the A language of Wu work staff grooms, exert oneself translates A language the brand that makes service industry. Language of a batch of A is translated in the distinguish oneself in business sea, or by business of connection of abroad of location company group, or oneself do business of company open up to. “ is not little middle east travelling merchant wishs to give 10 thousand yuan of high pay to invite translation of language of A of Ningxia high level, still do not go up please! ” Yinchuan city promotes skill of profession of character of the Arabic that celebrate an area to groom school teacher says so.
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