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Small language translates a talent to be looked for hard
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Contemporary and Thespian Ji Zheng is in 2007 Asias Shanghai lively show, come from multilateral brought to the audience on Shanghai dramatically now different wonderful, but language barrier also became the difficult problem that puzzles an organizer. According to introducing, these two days are installing center of blessing road modern drama to perform, a mask body theatrical work that is Turkey country theater " fool apartment " , another is Hungarian Kelidake the drama of name of agree scold husband of Thespian group " mew " , though former it is one does not have dialogue comedy, latter is a renown theatrical work that has Chinese subtitle, but the communication that early days arena works still encountered not small challenge.

Interpreter of know the business is honest too little
The organizer of Thespian season plaints, the interpreter of know the business is honest nowadays too little, want to look for to have Thespian and professional knowledge already, know the interpreter easier said than done of Osmanli or Hungarian again! In mask body theatrical work " fool apartment " in troupe, besides an Osmanli translator that can say English, member of the others play staff won't English. When holding a stage, the staff member of center of art of Shanghai modern drama and Turkey staff member play had body game, take performance ground to coordinate than delimiting repeatedly communicate. And " mew " the play staff follows the Hungarian girl of travel to be able to tell Chinese only, because bilateral staff member is numerous, mutual between cannot communicate with the language, the process that hold a stage is forced to defer.
Contemporary and Thespian Ji Jin comes to the Asia 3 years all right, more and more foreign show groups come Shanghai, subsequently and the translation difficult problem that come is more and more outstanding also. Gorky says: “ is form of the most arduous art of a kind of language dramatically. ” is expatiatory person name and language not only fast too fast, make the interpreter of actor's lines caption extremely difficult, even if is to install a stage to do not support, because the interpreter is right theatrical understanding is too little, also affected work efficiency directly.

Call today's “ Li Jianwu”
Foster the Shanghai Thespian institute of professional and dramatic handsome appearance, respect of graduate outer language also owes major, prep let alone carries professional Thespian interpreter qualified personnel. Now, can solve small language to translate ” of “ an extremely urgency, be a flock of active the Thespian lover in university campus. Fly like what attend abroad mandarin college there opera company, its member comes from each phylum such as day, heart, law, Spain, often initiative the volunteer activity that joins organization of center of modern drama art, act as already interpreter, in also participating in arena to create directly sometimes.
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